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Apple TV + film for the first time on physical medium

Apple is hiring out among the sellers of physical data carriers with entertainment content: In the USA, a strip is now to be pressed for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray, which had made its debut on the Apple TV + streaming service. “On the Rocks” with Bill Murray and Rashida Jones went online in the fall of 2020 and then also had a short theatrical release – probably mainly due to the film award – that had grossed less than one million US dollars. Distribution on DVD and Blu-ray will follow at the end of October.

Apple had produced the film – a mixture of drama and comedy – together with the successful independent studio A24. The physical evaluation is now being distributed by Lionsgate. It was initially unclear whether DVD and Blu-ray would also have an Apple logo. Director of “On the rocks” is director Sofia Coppola, daughter of the “Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola, who is particularly known for “Lost in Translation” (2003, also with Murray).

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How it came about that Apple and its production partner decided to distribute the film in physical form has not yet been leaked – possibly that is what director Coppola wanted. This means that after the theatrical release it is also possible for people to see the film who have not subscribed to Apple TV + (5 euros per month) – or who do not have one of the now enormous number of devices that support the service.

The film journalist Sigmund Judge was the first to discover A24 and Apple’s “Apple Original Films” label Want to bring “On the Rocks” onto the market in autumn as a “physical release”. Order numbers for DVD and Blu-ray are already available. Spicy: Usually, DVDs and Blu-Rays of A24 films also come with free digital copies that are distributed via platforms such as Google Play or Vudu. “I would be shocked if it was the same here,” writes Judge.

A24 had previously offered the Adam Sandler hit “Uncut Gems” from Netflix on Blu-ray and DVD, and a physical 4K version will follow in November. 4K or even just Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos are probably not initially planned for “On the Rocks” on Blu-ray.


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