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Anne Hathaway (* 1982) Portrait

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American actress. One of the most beautiful brunettes in American cinema, Anne Hathaway has had a meteoric career since her magical debut in “Suddenly Princess” (2001) as a high school girl who falls under the Roy family and has metamorphosed from ugly duckling to proud swan.

Praised as a mixture of Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland and Julia Roberts, Hathaway was able to quickly leave these patronizing assignments behind thanks to her great talent, triumphantly asserting herself as a first naive, then clever assistant to fashion journal editor Meryl Streep in the satire “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) and successfully broke into British Jane Austen territory as an American when she embodied the famous English writer Jane Austen in the 2007 biopic “Beloved Jane”.

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway, who shares her name with Shakespeare’s wife, was born in 1982 in Brooklyn, New York to a stage actress and a judge, grew up in New Jersey and became the first teenager to join the prestigious New Jersey after high school York Barrow Group was admitted to acting classes. Hathaway studied at Vassar College, the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey and has appeared in summer courses at New York University’s Collaborative Arts Projects. As a member of the All-Eastern US High School Choir of Honor, she was first soprano on the Carnegie Hall stage in New York in 1999.

Hathaway made the jump from the family series “Get Real – Six Under One Roof” (FOX, 22 episodes 1999) to the lead role alongside world star Julie Andrews in “Suddenly Princess” and his sequel “Suddenly Princess 2” (2004 ). This was followed by roles in “The Other Side of Heaven” (2001), in the Charles Dickens novel adaptation “Nicholas Nickleby” (2002, Ensemble Prize of the National Board of Review) and the leading role in the fantasy tale “Ella – Verflixt & Zauberhaft” (2004).

Like Julie Andrews with “SOB” (1981), Hathaway tried not to be tied to the role of the nice girl and appeared topless in Barbara Kopple’s teenage gang drama “Havoc” (2005) and naked as the wife of Jake Gyllenhaal in Ang Lee’s love drama “Brokeback” Mountain “(2005). Lee also advised her to take on the role of Jane Austen, which she mastered with flying colors.

In 2008, Hathaway is in the aircraft drama “Passengers” and as a competent agent 99 in the spy comedy “Get Smart” (based on the TV series “Mini-Max”, 1965-70) alongside Steve Carrell as Maxwell Smart, goofy agent 86, see. In 2005, Hathaway was also the voice actress for the heroine of the animated film “The Little Red Riding Hood Conspiracy”.

Hathaway put her dramatic skills as the difficult sister of the bride in “Rachel’s Wedding” under evidence – only to tread comedic paths again in “Bride Wars” on the same topic. As the White Queen, she not only enraptured the title character in Tim Burton’s remake of “Alice in Wonderland” and then in “Love and Other Drugs” as a Parkinson’s patient, a Viagra representative played by Jake Gyllenhall.

In the lovingly told love story “Two in a Day”, Hathaway met her lover on the fateful date for 20 years after a one night stand at the exam ceremony, and it was only at a late stage that she realized that, despite opposing life plans, she shared the decisive factors.

The Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in “Les Misérables” marks the career highlight so far. In the musical adaptation, she touches with her acting and singing skills as a dying Fantine. In the Batman finale, “The Dark Knight Rises”, Hathaway steps into Michelle Pfeiffer’s paw prints as the sexy master thief Catwoman. In 2014 she accompanied Matthew McConaughey in “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan on the desperate search for a new living space for humanity.

The vegetarian supports the Lollipopp Theater Network, which organizes film evenings for the mentally handicapped. In 2006 she helped in Nicaragua to give sick children anti-hepatitis injections. In 2006, Hathaway was ranked 85 of the “Sexiest Women in the World” in FHM magazine, in 2007 she was among the 100 “Most Beautiful People” in People magazine, and 80th in the 100 list of the online magazine In February 2011 she hosted the 83rd Academy Awards together with James Franco – which, at the age of 28 at the time, made her the youngest presenter in the history of the award ceremony. She has been married to Adam Shulman since 2012.

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