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Anna Kendrick: Shaved legs don’t have to be

Anna Kendrick
Shaved legs don’t have to be

Anna Kendrick

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Oscar-nominated actress Anna Kendrick loves it when a film shoot does not require an elaborate beauty regime

Anna Kendrick, 28, loved the fact that she didn’t have to shave her legs for “Pitch Perfect 2”.

The actress (“Up in the Air”) will be back in the second part of the hit movie from 2012 and will of course slip into the role of the singer Beta in the musical comedy. Her film character has a grunge look and her clothes are rarely too open-hearted – a plus point for the screen grace. “Good news from the set of” Pitch Perfect “. Beta still mostly wears long pants and boots, so I basically never have to shave my legs. Or my feet,” she quipped dryly on Twitter.

It seems that Anna is currently leasing happiness: It has been reported that she will lend her voice to the character Poppy in the animated film “Trolls”, which is supposed to be about the troll dolls with the brightly colored hair. That fits, after all, the “Twilight” beauty is known for her sense of humor and her down-to-earth attitude. Despite her great personality and good looks, she confessed to not having flirted in five years. She was dating director Edgar Wright (40, “Shaun of the Dead”) from 2009, but the relationship broke down last year.

In addition, the Hollywood beauty revealed that she was a real late developer when it came to attracting men. “When I was a teenager I was the total late bloomer and my mom would say it’s a blessing because it means you never have to worry about whether the guys are interested in you because of the boobs,” she explained laughing to the “Elle” magazine. She herself would have seen it very differently at the time: “I would have been thrilled if guys had been interested in me because of my breasts.”

But this also had its advantages and Anna Kendrick joked that because of this she never had to wonder if she got a role just because of her good looks.


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