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Amanda Seyfried: “Lovelace” is misunderstood

Amanda Seyfried
“Lovelace” is misunderstood

Amanda Seyfried

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Actress Amanda Seyfried said her film “Lovelace” is less about pornography and more about the story of abuse

Amanda Seyfried (27) defended her new film ‘Lovelace’.

The actress (‘Mamma Mia!’) Has had enough of the fact that the character she embodies is called “crazy”. The versatile American plays the porn actress Linda Lovelace; the cinematic biography shows the abusive relationship that Lovelace had with her manager and husband Chuck Traynor and tells of her appearance in the 1970s film ‘Deep Throat’.

“This is not a film about a porn star – it is about a deeply destructive relationship. I completely believe in Linda’s view of things and that she was physically abused,” said Seyfried in an interview with the British magazine ‘Grazia’. “A lot of people don’t believe her. It’s weird. People keep asking me what it’s like to play that crazy pornstar, but she’s not at all to me. She’s been in that crazy, unnatural, twisted relationship, and honestly is it’s the darkest role I’ve ever played. “

It wasn’t until several years after making ‘Deep Throat’ that Linda Lovelace claimed that she was coerced into the pornography and abused by her husband. The life of the famous actress, about which Seyfried learned more and more as she prepared for the role, touched her deeply. “I found it hard to deal with the violence. We are talking about a woman who was forced to ask permission just to go to the bathroom. I found it very difficult to watch ‘Deep Throat’ and we did it really only touched on the surface. Linda played an important role in America’s Sexual Awakening. She made it possible for many people to be comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality, which we now take for granted. She wanted her story to be told. But she needed money too, “said Amanda Seyfried of her controversial film role.


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