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Actress shares rare photo with her children

She is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but Natalie Portman keeps most of her private life private. Now, however, she shared a rare family picture on Instagram.

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She became known through her role as Mathilda in “Léon” and through that of Padme / Queen Amidala in episodes I to III of “Star Wars” she became a star. In all these years she has revealed little of her private life. She also largely keeps her two children, son Aleph and daughter Amalia, whom she has with Benjamin Millepied, out of the public eye. Therefore, fans are all the more excited about Portman’s current Instagram post.

She shows her almost seven million followers a very special snapshot: Portman presents herself with her two children who nestle against her. You can only partially see the kids’ faces because they cuddle so close to their mother.

Portman doesn’t write much about the picture, but puts three red heart emojis under it. The photo was apparently taken by her husband, because she links him behind the hearts. Millepied is a choreographer and directs the “Dance Project” in Los Angeles – the family of four lives in the City of Angels.



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