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6 facts about the Hollywood star!

Did you know that Nicolas Cage was married to Elvis Presley’s daughter? As a real fan and connoisseur, certainly, but also that the likeable actor went on a drug trip with his cat? Cage really has some questionable interests and collecting passions.

Nicolas Cage has the most brilliant roles Hollywood has to offer. The 57-year-old usually plays very eccentric roles with a strong character of his own. Most of them should know him mainly from the film “The Legacy of the Knights Templar” or “Ghost Rider”. His roles always embody something shady, but he has the best of intentions at heart. The actor also has some interesting hobbies in his private life and collects morbid items!

6 facts about Nicolas Cage

Passion for collecting

A man with these sometimes very crazy roles can only have one dark secret. His is a passion for exotic animals like a rare albino cobra, a shark or a two-headed snake. But otherwise he likes pretty much everything that is extraordinary, even a prehistoric bear skull adorns his collection.

Pyramid as a grave?

In New Orleans there is a three meter high, white pyramid tomb, which is currently not supposed to be occupied. On it is the Latin maxim “Omni Ab Uno” (German: Everything from one) – whether that will be the future grave of Nicolas Cage? It is obvious, because in 2010 he bought the pyramid in a cemetery.

Thick with Marilyn Manson

Quirky collecting passions are likely to attract like-minded people. After all, the same interests connect extremely and that’s how the friendship with Marilyn Manson came about. Meanwhile, the connection between the two has gone so far that Cage was the only guest at Manson’s wedding, as in conversation with came out. Normally there would of course be more guests, but unfortunately the wedding took place during the corona lockdown.

Haunted house bought for history

In order to realize the dream of a specially created horror story, Nicolas Cage bought an entire house. Not just any, but the one that serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie lived in. Unfortunately, the actor lost the property again – it’s not that smooth with him.

Drug trip with a cat

And because that’s not enough for absurdities in his life: His own cat Lewis was after his stash of magic mashrooms! Cage wanted to help the animal and took a few at once. So both lay next to each other for hours and stared at each other, as the 57-year-old reported on David Letterman’s late night show. Already read? You shouldn’t have these 3 zodiac signs data



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