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5 copied scenes in the teaser & the explanation for it

The wait of the sci-fi fans is over: The first Matrix 4 teaser with Keanu Reeves is here and the website shows even more. According to the producers (via IGN ) 180,000 different teasers to see. Their scenes often look like copies from the first part. The most disturbing part of them all is there too.

The first Matrix film with Keanu Reeves in the 4K version

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5 scenes from the Matrix 4 teasers that reproduce the first part

The scenes from Matrix 4 or Matrix: Resurrections, which are used as the intro of the website are apparently recombined with each new access. Nevertheless Many fans should feel reminded of passages from the previous trilogy.

The Matrix Resurrections – Trailer Announcement (English) HD


This is not about 1: 1 copies. Rather, they are images that come very close to scenes from Part 1, even except for the perspectives and shot sizes. It seems a bit as if someone would go through the matrix scenes again in a dream and look at them with new eyes. Perhaps that is exactly the reason for the similarities: They are dream sequences.

Scene 1: The bombastic beginning of the sci-fi series

The mysterious, dark, great beginning of the Matrix series is stuck in the bones of fans even after 20 years. Heroine Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is posed by police officers and clears them all out of the way in an incredible storm of martial arts acrobatics. Exactly this scene is also copied in the Matrix 4 trailer.

Trinity wall run in Matrix 4 (l.) And Matrix 1 (r.)

However, it is not entirely clear whether this is also about Trinity.

Scene 2: One of the greatest action sequences in sci-fi history

But it doesn’t stop at the brute entrance scene: The many visual references to the biggest action sequence of the first part are also striking: There Trinity and Neo (Keanu Reeves) rescue their mentor Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) from a high-rise building guarded by police officers and agents .

In doing so, they not only lay the entrance hall in ruins, but also attack their enemies even from a helicopter with the machine gun. The extreme soffit, in which cartridge cases patter into the picture from a great height, is one of the most famous camera settings of the first part.

Helicopter in Matrix 4 (l.) And Matrix 1 (r.)

Scene 3: Keanu Reeves leaves the Matrix

In addition to all the action, some calm and disturbing moments from the first part of the Matrix are also reproduced. When Neo leaves the matrix for the first time, he touches someone next to him Mirror whose image seems to liquefy and drag it into the real world.

Mirror scene in Matrix (l.) And Matrix 1 (r.)

It now seems to work in a similar way in Matrix 4. Only here is the character in the scene apparently not Neo: It is possible that all newcomers among the Matrix rebels will be sent into the real world via mirrors.

Scene 4: The most disturbing Matrix scene with Keanu Reeves

The interrogation scene from the first Matrix film is far more nightmarish than the liquid mirror: There Neo is questioned by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving). To prevent his yelling, the agent program makes a modification in the matrix: Suddenly Neo’s lips merge and he no longer has a mouth.

Glue mouth in Matrix 4 (l.) And Matrix 1 (r.)

The same thing now seems to happen again in Matrix 4: Not with Neo, but with the still unknown character embodied by Jonathan Groff.

Scene 5: The Matrix Cat

As a small bonus, the black cat reappears in the trailer, which has become a symbol of the sci-fi series for fans, as does the white rabbit tattoo or the red and blue pills.

Cat in Matrix 4 (l.) And Matrix 1 (r.)

In Part 1, Keanu has a déjà vu with a black cat, which he runs into in exactly the same way in a short distance. What he considers trivial alarms his colleagues: Déjà Vus are errors that arise as a result of changes in the matrix.

But regardless of whether it’s a cat, a martial arts fight or a sticky mouth: the number of scenes from the Matrix 4 teasers with connections to the first part of the series is increasing. The Matrix 4 plot sounds like a copy of the first Sci-Fi part, but there could be other reasons for cloning entire sequences.

What is the reason for the copied scenes from the first part of the Matrix?

As we know from the story revelations so far, Neo is with a therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) at the beginning of Matrix 4. He is no longer able to distinguish between reality and fiction, at least that is what his environment tells him to do. He cannot remember his past as a Neo.

Trinity and Neo in the first part of the Matrix

He is also plagued by strange dreams. What nature they are is not known from the previous sources, but they could provide the explanation for the many overlaps between the Matrix 4 teaser and the first part.

For example, it would be possible for Neo to use his earlier, forgotten existence as a rebel messiah in dreams: The fight against the agents, the sticky mouth attack, the black cat: everything could throw his head into a big blender in his dream, so that the pictures are now slightly changed, but the original is still recognizable.

Take a look at a compilation of the new Matrix 4 scenes here:

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Obviously, Matrix 4 will be about how Neo finds his way back to his former identity. The dreams would then provide him with more and more clues until he can finally put the puzzle together himself.

We won’t find out whether the theory is true until it is released in theaters. Fortunately, it’s not far away: Matrix: Resurrections starts on December 23, 2021 in Germany. Tomorrow, Thursday, the trailer will be out.

What do you think of the Matrix 4 teasers?



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