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Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg suddenly have a lavish feel-good chat

It may be a little all-clear that Mark Wahlberg did not feed himself on clearly visible pounds of well-being out of boredom and lack of sport in the corona lockdown. A roll of film is to blame for it being out of shape. On Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, Mark had already revealed in April that he wanted to gain 15 kilos in the next six weeks. For his role in the film “Father Stu”, in which he embodies a boxer who becomes a priest.

Mark seems to have approached his task so euphorically that he already has 10 kilos more on his hips after just three weeks, as he proudly writes on Instagram. No wonder, after all, he can finally let himself go. He told Jimmy Kimmel that the creators of the flick want him to gain healthy weight, but that he wants to “eat whatever is in sight”. After all, he had stuck to a strict diet for fitness for so long, and now he wants to be able to enjoy it too. “I want to go to bakeries, I want pancakes! I want to eat everything I can get my hands on! “

He seems to stick to this motto consistently. In another Instagram post, Mark shows that he can still pull in his stomach, but that he has a respectable space as soon as he no longer tenses his muscles.

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