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Will Beyoncé win the Oscar with a new song?

September 07, 2021 – Maja Caterina Woltemath

After the “Lion King” fiasco at the 2020 Academy Awards, where Beyoncé was not even nominated for her song “Spirit”, there is now new hope. Beyoncé is in the starting blocks with her next cinema soundtrack.

What happens when tennis professionals like Serena and Verena Williams work together with acting legend Will Smith and Radio Hamburg Mega Star Beyoncé? The answer is “King Richard”.

Finally a new hit

Most recently there was the song “Black Parade” to match the Black Lives Matter Demo 2020. Now Beyoncé is back with her new song “Be Alive”, which was first heard in the credits at the Telluride Film Festival. It is part of the soundtrack of the upcoming film “King Richard”.

Will Smith and Serena Williams

Who would have thought that Serena Williams would work with Will Smith one day. But that’s exactly what happened because Will Smith stars in “King Richard” and Serena is in the production. “King Richard” is her own father’s biopic and the story of Serena and Verena, how they became the best tennis players in the world. Of course, Will Smith was the perfect choice for the role of father. Unfortunately, most of the Williams sisters don’t play their roles themselves, as the film is primarily about their childhood. Beyonce will perform the last song “be alive” and we are almost certain that she has earned a nomination with it.

Beyoncé at Radio Hamburg

Queen B is not only available as a cinema soundtrack, you can hear her best hits on Radio Hamburg. Tune in and see for yourself! You can take us with you anywhere, whether via web radio Radio Hamburg App or about yours Smartspeaker.

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