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What happens at Operation Skyfire and how you can participate •

That End of Fortnite Season 7 is only a few days away and as Epic Games has already confirmed, there is one big season 7 live event, which has the expectant title Operation: sky fire (Operation: Sky Fire) carries. When the final event takes place, what to expect and how you can take part, you can find out below on this page.

How you can participate in the live event and what to look out for

Similar to the Ariana Grande, the Operation: Sky Fire will also be held in a special event mode that will be activated 30 minutes before the start of the Lives Event. In other words: From 9:30 p.m. you can register for Operation Skyfire in the game mode window. A total of 16 players per match can take part in the event and carry out Slone’s secret mission to destroy the aliens.

Attention: The repeat function (replay) will not be available for the event afterwards. So if you want to experience the event again later, you have to either record it elsewhere or rely on live recordings from other players.

Remember that at the end of the season, all Season 7 quests and their rewards will also disappear. The same goes for collectibles like the alien artifacts, the Superman skins, characters, fish and gold bars.

So if you are missing a few Battle Pass rewards, you should get them as soon as possible by 10pm on September 12th. Any Battle Stars and Alien Artifacts that you have not redeemed by the end of Season 7 will be automatically spent on rewards and styles, starting with the first available.

What we already know about the new season can be found on the page: Fortnite Season 8.

What happens at the Season 7 Live Event? – Mothership crashes, Kevin the Cube returns and server downtime

Epic Games is understandably reluctant to provide information about Operation Skyfire, but there were a few small hints of what was to come. The data miners have unearthed many more clues from the data of the last Fortnite update that give an idea of ​​what is happening. What is already known and how we imagine the event will run, you can find out below:

Attention spoiler warning: If you don’t want to know anything about the happenings of the Season 7 Live Event, you shouldn’t read any further !!!

The IO is gearing up for the final battle against the aliens

The entire seventh season revolves around the IO’s fight against the alien invaders known only as “The Last Reality”. are known. The legendary weekly tasks play a particularly important role here, as they largely tell the story. The legendary tasks of weeks 12 and 13, which, so to speak, prepare the events of the live event, have ensured rapid progress in history.

It was not without reason that Doctor Slone asked you to look for books about explosions, set up scanners, collect the three alien devices and activate the countermeasure device at Corny Complex, place jammers and alert the aliens to the secret IO base . With these measures, the IO has obtained information about the aliens in order to set a trap for them.

So much for the story behind Doctor Slone’s final plan to stop the invasion once and for all. How things will proceed at this point is not entirely clear, but the many leaks give a rough timetable. So far everything indicates that the countermeasure device is a large bomb that the aliens will soon (probably at the live event) beam onto their mother ship. Leaks and official sources have already confirmed that the Corny Complex is the next target of the giant saucer to beam the farm on board – like Slurpy Swamp and Coral Castle before. Thanks to the jammers and the pallets of delicious cat food, however, the aliens have no idea of ​​the bomb.

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It is also known that at the event you pretend to be undercover agents of the IO in order to infiltrate the aliens and defeat them forever. It sounds like we (the players) are supposed to give the aliens a credible fight in the defense of Corny Complex so they don’t hear about the bomb.

The mothership explodes and crashes at Misty Meadows

Data miners Suzanfischh and RationFN recently found a loading image for “Operation: Skyfire” in the game data, showing the mother ship sucking in parts of Corny Complex. Also clearly visible are the countless countermeasure devices aka bombs hanging from the torn land masses below. Apparently the countermeasure device activated by the players (which was sunk in the floor of the laboratory at the end of the task) served as a model for the mass production of the weapon.

Pay attention to the many bombs hanging on the land masses sucked in by the mother ship. That creates a great atmosphere on the ship.

It is now easy to predict how the whole thing will continue: The aliens beam Corny Complex with bombs onto their mother ship and then explode in a colorful spectacle ala the final scene of Independence Day. But that is probably only the first part of the live event, because the gigantic heap of junk will crash and hit the island. It is already known through leaks that there will be a new location on the map called “Crash Site” – that would fit perfectly with the crash site of the mothership.

As far as we know, the mothership will hit Misty Meadows, which is now one of the oldest places on the map. The Dirty Docks will also bless the temporal, but it is not clear how this should happen. Most likely, the mothership will be blown in two, which will hit Misty and Dirty. But it could also be that Dirty has a completely different fate.

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Kevin the Cube is returning under the control of a mysterious queen, according to Leak

How things will continue after the crash of the mothership is currently the big question mark. But every story needs a big plot twist and what could be better than the reappearance of Kevin, the mysterious cube? Since 2018 fans have been waiting for the cube from Chapter 1 Season 5 to show up on the island again and although there have been little hints of its existence over the course of the last seasons, it is unclear where exactly the cube has gone and which Function he has. These questions should soon be (partially) answered, because there are many clear signs that Kevin appears at the event:

  1. In the course of the ongoing legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple, a document regarding future Fortnite content was leaked some time ago, which probably comes from a source that has often provided correct information. This also included information such as the Ariana Grande Event, Lebron James and other Suicide Squad Skins, which have now also appeared in the game or at least confirmed. One can therefore assume that the rest of the leaks are also true. And this is exactly where it gets interesting in relation to the Season 7 Live Event, because the point “Upcoming Season / Chapter News” mentions the return of Kevin at the end of Season 7. He is said to be under the control of a hitherto unknown queen who only comes to the fore in Chapter 3.
    This Fortnite leak shows some content for the new season 8 and even chapter 3.
  2. If you have taken a close look at the three alien devices in the countermeasure device task, you will have noticed that bright pink spots and runes float around in the dark purple balls. These look suspiciously exactly like the color and symbols known from Kevin (and not like the alien symbols). This could indicate that the alien devices are actually parts of Kevin, or at least the energy of the cube is in them. The purple ring on the countermeasure device in which the alien devices were placed also matches the color of the cube.
  3. Fortnite Update 17.40 introduced the impostor game mode, the location of which is the main base of the IO. There you will also find a table in the middle of the laboratory on which a mini Kevin is rolled around. It seems as if the IO was trying to harness Kevin’s energy here, which would make sense in relation to a bomb powered by Kevin.
    There is a mini Kevin in the Fortnite impostor game mode.
  4. Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard announced the following tweet on Twitter at the beginning of August. If you can still remember, you know that the song “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit was often used by YouTubers to report about the cube rolling around on the map in Chapter 1 Season 5. The tweet suggests that Part 2 is now here.

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It is still unclear what effect the appearance of Kevin will have on the map, but where he will appear seems to be already known. If you took part in the Rift Tour event, you may have noticed that at the beginning of the event the cube was briefly visible in the memory tunnel (which shows important, past moments in Fortnite history) – and not on the old Athena map Chapter 1, but on the current Chapter 2 Apollo map. Resourceful fans have found out that this is the street near the mountain with the FN radio station in the northeast of the map. Together with the previous information that the cube is returning, it is now reasonable to assume that Kevin will appear exactly there again at the Season 7 Live Event.

At the beginning of the Fortnite Rift Tour you can see the cube (left), which, interestingly, is on the Chapter 2 map.

After the live event there should be a server downtime

According to data miner Shiina, there should be downtime immediately after the live event. How long this should be out is not clear. Let’s hope it won’t be like the “The End” event at the end of Season X, when Fortnite only existed in the form of a black hole for three days.

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