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Video shows Marvel star Chris Hemsworth with new head of hair ·

Thor has changed a lot across the various Marvel films. In “Thor: Love and Thunder” the god of thunder gets a new hairstyle.


In “Thor: Love and Thunder“Marvel fans will probably expect a Thor (Chris Hemsworth), which is quite different from his last appearance in” Avengers: Endgame “. On the one hand there is the impressive muscle building that the actor achieves and on the other hand the new style of clothing with a red leather vest. But that’s not all.

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Thor’s hair also looks very different. Chris Hemsworth presents us his new hairstyle in a sugary Instagram video in which he playfully fights with his son, who is wearing a red superhero cape:

This time Thor doesn’t wear his long hair open, but neatly tied back. The hairstyle definitely matches the rocker outfit.

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Chris Hemsworth trained hard for Thor: Love and Thunder

Hemsworth has already stated several times that fans in “Thor: Love and Thunder” can expect the most muscular Thor ever, because the actor had plenty of time at home to prepare for the role and to train hard.

But not only the Thor actor has gained a lot for his fourth solo film. Natalie Portman, who will not only appear again as Jane Foster, but will even swing the hammer as Mighty Thor, also built up a lot of muscles for the film. Christian Bale will oppose the two as the villain Gorr, the butcher, who is also known for his impressive body transformations in films such as “The Dark Knight” or “Vice: The Second Man”.

Thor and Jane Foster get support from the Guardians of the Galaxy in Taika Waititi’s new Marvel film. In addition to Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Nebula (Karen Gillan), Rocket Racoon (Sean Gunn) will also have an appearance, so it is not surprising that the film can be described more as “Avengers 5” and not as a solo Movie. Even “Gladiator” star Russell Crowe is in an as yet unknown role, as it was recently announced. The huge Marvel spectacle is expected in cinemas on May 5th, 2022.

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