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This is how the fans campaigned for Jack Sparrow ·

For the planned reboot of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Johnny Depp is not on board, but the Jack Sparrow fans are not giving up. Now the supporters have stepped up.

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Johnny Depp has to take some setbacks professionally: The actor recently lost his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the “Fantastic Beasts” series and will therefore no longer appear in future films. In a statement, the actor looked positively into the future and some fans want to help him. In addition to losing his role in “Fantastic Beasts”, the actor will no longer appear in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6”. However, the Jack Sparrow fan base is taking countermeasures.

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In a petition on, supporters are calling for Johnny Depp to be brought back as Captain Jack Sparrow for the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. A total of over 500,000 signatures have now been collected, which is a remarkable number. This even achieved the original goal, but the organizers followed up on the petition and updated the demand: The new goal is to collect a million signatures.

The petition argues that replacing the iconic pirate Disney will not bring success when it comes to box office earnings. Accordingly, the signatories would not watch any of the films in the series as long as Johnny Depp does not appear in them.

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Could Johnny Depp appear in the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie?

After the rather moderate success of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge”, Disney decided to reboot the pirate series, but without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. The script for the film is said to be as good as finished at the moment and producer Jerry Bruckheimer is only waiting for a positive signal from Disney. At the beginning there was still speculation that Bruckheimer would be open to a cameo by Johnny Depp, but it has since been announced that the producer no longer wants to have anything to do with Depp. Disney is said to have already decided in May 2020 to exclude the actor from the franchise.

It is suspected that the legal dispute with ex-wife Amber Heard is also responsible for the fact that the actor lost his role as Jack Sparrow and probably also that of Gellert Grindelwald. Obviously, this does not detract from the support of his fans. Petitions are always a popular means of exerting pressure on large corporations. Whether Disney will consider the revolt of the fans in their upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” film remains to be seen. It is currently not known when the reboot will come.

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