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“There are rumors that Keanu Reeves will show up”

Boy George reached out to his fans via Instagram to give them a glimpse into the upcoming biopic about his life. In the short clip that the 59-year-old shared on Tuesday (April 20, 2021) on the social media platform, the musician revealed a few details about the new film project. For example, the shooting of the film – which will be called “Karma Chameleon” like the hit of his former band Culture Club – will take place in autumn 2021 “in London and around the world”. Much more exciting, however, is the fact that Boy George has already found two actors who should appear in the film.

“We are looking for a brave young actor”

In the video, the musician, whose real name is George Alan O’Dowd, said, “Already on board – Danny Mays, one of my favorite actors. He will play my father. ”Mays was last noticed by his role in the war epic“ 1917 ”. But that’s not all: Boy George added in the short clip: “And there are rumors that Keanu Reeves will appear … ooh, name-drop!” The singer did not reveal what role Reeves will take on – but it will certainly be the main role not. Boy George added that they were still looking for a leading actor to play himself. “There is only one problem, and that is a pretty big one – who should play me?” Says the New Romantic idol. “We’re looking for a brave young actor, no matter where in the world, to take on the role of his life. And it will be brilliant. I want to be impressed! “

The film “Karma Chameleon” is said to focus on the beginnings of Boy George’s career; especially his rise as a singer of Culture Club. The author is the Emmy-award-winning director and screenwriter Sacha Gervasi. The biopic is produced by Millenium Media. Boy George became a pop idol in the early 1980s – both because of his extravagant style and fashion-conscious demeanor, as well as because of his musical achievements. His most recent solo album THIS IS WHAT I DO was released in 2013 and received extremely positive reviews.



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