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The slightly different cops on the TV show

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell plow through New York as unequal bulls of chaos – great pleasure!

Although perceived that way by his colleagues, Detective Allen Gamble (Ferrell) is not a complete sucker, but one who values ​​office work more than being on the street. To the chagrin of his colleague Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg), a trigger-happy hothead who was assigned to Gamble as a partner after being transferred to a sentence.

The two unequal cops do not miss a grease cup and thus incur the anger of their superior (Michael Keaton), who is even forced to replace Gamble’s service weapon with a wooden revolver after an unnecessary shooting. The two cops have a great chance to get rid of their loser image after the heroes of the station fail and a harmless complaint expands into a gigantic conspiracy …

It goes without saying that action is part of such a scenario – there is and it is something to be proud of. The best scene in the film, however, consists of a dialogue. In it, Ferrell explains to his partner Wahlberg why a lion would have no chance in a fight against a tuna.

It’s the pun, but also the portrayal of something crazy as something completely normal, which is what makes this comedy so attractive – because who would believe a boring like Ferrell that he could get a hottie like Eva Mendes? Absurd notion …



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