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The first teaser for Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves is here – the interactive website is even more spectacular

Now the long-awaited sequel comes to life: Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves finally has a first teaser, which in turn announces the first real, long trailer for Thursday. It gets even more exciting: Because shortly before the teaser was published, one went mysterious website online, on which you will be forwarded to further impressions. We explain to you below, how you use the site and what you will find there.

The short teaser shows them iconic pills: Red and blue. In the 15 seconds of the clip, the pill symbols crumble into pixels and the bright green code rain appears that burned itself into all fans during the first three parts. (All information about the continuation of Matrix 4)

Then comes the most important message:

The first teaser for Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves

The Matrix Resurrections – Trailer Announcement (English) HD


How you get your first long impressions from the Matrix trailer

  • It’s best to follow her this link .
  • That leads you to the two pills.
  • If you click on one of them, an excerpt from the trailer starts with glossy pictures that provide a first impressive foretaste.
  • There should be a total of 180,000 teaser variations on the site, each with a different focus.
  • The blue pill: With the blue pill, the protective veil from reality remains in the matrix. If you click on it, an agent speaks to you: “Do you remember how you got here? You have lost the ability to tell reality and fiction apart “the narrator whispers before the excerpts begin.
  • The red pill:

    The red pill represents the liberation from all illusions that the matrix maintains. If you click on it, says Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who is supposed to embody a kind of Morpheus in the sequel. “This is your moment to show us what is real”says the voice.

The website already existed after the start of Matrix 1, but had been offline since 2009 before suddenly reappearing in the last few days and evolving. At first only the green code monsoon could be seen before the pills appear immediately.

This is shown in the first trailer for Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves

The long trailer for the science fiction film has already been published, but only shown to a limited audience. Nevertheless, the following impressions made the rounds:

  • Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) is in therapy at the beginning. He tells his therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) that he strange dreams that feel like they’re more than dreams. He asks if he’s crazy.
  • Similar to the first Matrix film, Thomas senses that something is wrong with the world around him. But he has no memories of his life as a Neo.
  • He later meets Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in a coffee shop. The two exchange ideas and shake hands. However, they do not recognize each other.
  • All people around Thomas stick to their smartphones. In one scene in an elevator, he’s the only one who isn’t looking at a screen.
  • Thomas runs into a young man (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) who Morpheus resembles and give him a red pill. Later they fight against each other, just like Neo and Morpheus in the training simulation in the first part.
  • Particularly exciting: There is a shot in which Thomas or Neo looks into a mirror and one older version of yourself discovered.
  • We don’t just see Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson, however. In the second half of the trailer, he maneuvers himself as a Neo furious action scenes. Apparently he even has new powers – he controls a missile with his mind.
  • In addition, the trailer comes up with an excellent choice of music: White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane underlines the return to the matrix.

That sounds quite familiar at times, here we speculate about whether the Matrix 4 is possibly a remake of the original.

Now is the time to be patient. We only have to sleep twice until Thursday.

The Matrix Resurrections starts on December 23, 2021 in German cinemas.

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What do you expect from the first trailer?



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