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The Equalizer 3: News, Rumors, Release

Sony presents: The Equalizer - Trailer

With the two equalizer films, leading actor Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua landed a worldwide hit. The fans have been waiting for forest clearing since 2018. We’ll tell you what the chances are for “The Equalizer 3”.

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“The Equalizer 3” – the main actor and director would like to

The story of the meek hardware store clerk who brings justice by killing villains got the box office ringing. Main character Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) in particular, a quiet and single ex-agent, gives the action thriller “The Equalizer” and its sequel a pleasant depth. No wonder the fans are waiting for a third part.

Shortly after the release of “The Equalizer 2” in 2018, the main actor and director were open to another sequel. Denzel Washington made the possibility for “The Equalizer 3” dependent on the audience. Director Antoine Fuqua, however, was more euphoric. He raved about a sequel to the Hollywood Reporter in the highest tones. He could imagine making the equalizer more international. “I think Denzel would be a great James Bond-esque character,” said the filmmaker.

“Equalizer 3” already exists in your head

Screenwriter Richard Wenk doesn’t seem averse to “The Equalizer 3” either. He also revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that he already had a third part in his head. The sequel would therefore directly follow the plot of “The Equalizer 2”. Part two ended with McCall returning to his old hometown.

The return of the “equalizer” is currently still uncertain.

Image: Sony

The financial aspect

Both director Fuqua and lead actor Washington made another part of the Equalizer series dependent on the success of part 2 in 2018. If it had to, a third part would be almost certain. In total, “The Equalizer 2” grossed US $ 187.4 million worldwide, with a budget of US $ 60 million.

Rumor of an action-packed crossover

In the past a rumor made the rounds that may have thrown some fans into euphoria: So it was thought that McCall from “The Equalizer” would meet John Wick (Keanu Reeves) from the film series of the same name. They both teach bloody lessons to bad guys, so a match made for them. But while the third part of “John Wick” was released in 2019, things remained quiet about the equalizer. So it remains to be seen whether there will actually be a crossover.

Admittedly, a continuation of the equalizer has not been discussed for some time. But that doesn’t have to mean anything. After all, there was a whole four years between the first and second part. According to the Moviejones portal, there is already a project called “The Equalizer 3”, in which only Denzel Washington is supposed to be involved so far. So the fans have no choice but to continue to exercise patience and hope.

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