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Study: Discrimination against blacks costs Hollywood 10 billion

McKinsey also addresses the issue of the “black tax,” an expression of the fact that blacks who want to make a career still have to do significantly more than whites. Be it that they accept cutbacks in the fee or have to ‘clean the door’ significantly more, i.e. are dependent on putting a lot more effort into asserting themselves. The tricky thing about it: If you want to make a career in film, you have to be prepared to get by for years without or with very little pay, which is much easier for whites because their average wealth in the USA is higher than that of black families.

In any case, the boardrooms are almost exclusively whites: 87 percent of TV bosses and 92 percent of film bosses are white – incidentally, the entertainment industry brings up the rear, behind sectors such as the energy industry, banks and insurance companies. The healthcare and heavy industry sectors performed best. The situation is similar with the important agencies that mediate artists. 97 percent of the owners are white, and there are almost no blacks among the staff.

The film industry relies on informal relationships

McKinsey recommends four measures: More diverse personnel selection, especially behind the camera. Second, more transparency and reliability. Third, financial support for “black” film material. In addition, the industry must ensure that there is a neutral point of contact that takes care of more fairness across companies. According to the experts, combating discrimination becomes difficult mainly because the film industry thrives on informal, private relationships that can rarely be influenced from outside. Anyone who wants to receive invitations, emails and calls, in short, who wants to “belong”, usually has to have completed an exclusive training, preferably at an elite university. In addition, filming locations are distributed around the world and the contracts are almost always limited in time, so that the industry cannot be compared with others.

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