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Sports friend of the day: Why Natalie Portman is starting a soccer team – sports news

  Photo: AFP / Robyn Beck

Photo: AFP / Robyn Beck

In addition to victories and defeats, there are also plenty of absurd, weird and funny things in the world of sport. That is why our sports editorial team chooses the sports friend of the day with a wink every day. Today: the actress Natalie Portman.

Sport: Dominik Ignée (doi)

Stuttgart – Thank God, women’s football has established itself – albeit on a somewhat modest scale. At least the times are over when men, who would rather women be at the stove than in the penalty area, got away with it. The showmaster legend of the sixties and seventies, Wim Thoelke, is still number one on the hit list of particularly subterranean comments on the topic of women’s football: “The viewers don’t need to be upset. The women wash their jerseys themselves when they fall into the mud. “

Anyone who says something like that today can pack up. Fortunately it is. Fortunately, there are women like actress Natalie Portman and tennis player Serena Williams who are committed to women’s football – even though they are actually unrelated to the subject. They want to raise the money to start a women’s soccer team in Los Angeles. The team is scheduled to play in the US Women’s League NWSL in 2022. So far, no team from California is represented in the league. And without this honorable initiative, it might have stayed that way for a long time.

Lots of investors

Portman and Williams are not alone. A real group of investors is behind the idea. In addition to Portman and Williams, other celebrities also want to invest money in the team, such as actresses Eva Longoria, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastain. Williams’ husband is also there. His name is Alexis Ohanian and he is a co-founder of the online platform Reddit. The two-year-old daughter Olympia will then also belong to the owners. The name of the team should be announced in 2020. “Forming the first owner group led by a majority of women is an exciting step,” says Natalie Portman. Your great passion? Football, always – what else!



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