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Notting Hill: But no happy ending for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts?

Notting Hill
But no happy ending for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill".

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill.

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Is the happy ending of the romantic hit “Notting Hill” bursting? Leading actor Hugh Grant has some dark ideas for a sequel.

Hugh Grant (60) has shot several romantic comedies in his career, most notably “Notting Hill” (1999), the “Bridget Jones” films and “Actually … Love” (2003). But in the last few years the British actor has broken away from his image as “Mister Rom-Com”. A comeback is out of the question for the 60-year-old. Grant would only make an exception for “Notting Hill”, as he revealed in a Twitter question and answer session during the premiere of his new HBO miniseries “The Undoing”. However, his idea for a sequel is unlikely to meet with approval from fans of the romantic hit.

Hugh Grant’s gritty “Notting Hill” sequel

In “Notting Hill” William Thacker (Hugh Grant), the owner of a small bookstore in London, happens to meet the famous US actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). The two fall in love despite their different ways of life. But the problems aren’t long in coming and it seems like their relationship doesn’t stand a chance. After some back and forth, love wins in the end. A romantic happy ending follows – wedding and pregnancy included.

The sequel, which Hugh Grant envisioned, is supposed to show what really happened after the happy ending. After all, all of these romantic comedies would convey “terrible lies”. For the supposed dream couple, he would like an “ugly divorce, with really expensive lawyers, children who are involved in a real tug-of-war between their parents and lots of tears. All of them psychologically drawn forever.” With a laugh he adds: “I would like to do this film.” Does Julia Roberts agree with him?


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