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“Lupine” star Omar Sy: Embarrassing mishap with Tom Hanks

Omar Sy played his way into the hearts of the audience with “Pretty Best Friends”. Now he inspires as a gentleman crook in the Netflix hit series “Lupine”. That even he still getting nervous about famous Hollywood greats, revealed the likeable French on the popular US show by Jimmy Fallon. He told the moderator about an “embarrassing” mishap with Tom Hanks.

It happened during the filming of Dan Brown’s “Inferno” in Venice: Hanks played the lead role in “The Da Vinci Code” series and Sy was supposed to pull him into a boat for a stunt. “It was my first day on set and I was very nervous,” recalled Sy. “I was like, ‘Stay cool, be careful, don’t hurt him’ because who wants to be the guy who hurts Tom Hanks?”

Fortunately, nothing happened. “I was very focused and everything went perfectly,” continued Sy. He was very relieved. But then: “And then I took a step back and fell into the water “, he reported on the embarrassing faux pas. “It was tough, it was my first day of shooting!”

And how did Tom Hanks react? Fortunately, Hanks is “really, really nice and very funny”, so Sy. “He’s been joking about it all day,” said Sy. Hanks said, “Please remember folks, there is water in Venice!”

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