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Love Life: Series start on HBO Max

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Play By Day: Love Life starts series on HBO Max

Play By Day: Love Life starts series on HBO Max

Love Life (c) HBO Max

The brand new streaming service HBO Max is launching the romantic anthology series Love Life today. The first season focuses on the love affairs of a woman played by Anna Kendrick.

Today, Wednesday, May 27, the new series Love Life starts on the new US streaming service HBO Max.

The half-hour romantic anthology series “Love life“Is about the first to the last love in a person’s life and how all the other romances in between make us who we are. So until one day we find the perfect partner and finally we don’t have to look anymore. A new story is told each season.

Anna Kendrick (most recently dummy, “Up in the air“) Is on board as the main actress and will act as producer alongside director Paul Feig. In addition to Kendrick and Feig, Jessie Henderson and Sam Boyd are also involved as producers. The latter wrote the script for the pilot episode and is also responsible for directing it. Bridget Bedard and Dan Magnante are also involved.

Finally, here is the current trailer for the new US series “Love life“:

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