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Looking for yourself? That’s behind Katy Perry’s hairstyle

What is Katy Perry’s (36) external change? In 2017, the singer had a stylish blonde pixie cut. Although she surprised every now and then with a voluminous mane, the fiancée of Orlando Bloom (44) finally returned to her short hair. Why did she choose the hairstyle four years ago? Katy’s radical change of type at the time had a specific reason – as she now reveals.

The beauty, whose real name is Katheryn Hudson, revealed on the talk show “The Therapist”why she had her hair cut. “I want so much to be Katheryn Hudson that I don’t want to look like Katy anymore,” said the Fireworks interpreter some time ago. As an artist, she takes on a role on stage and at events, one of which is her eye-catching and colorful hairstyles, with which she, however, cannot identify in real life. With the short haircut, the 36-year-old wanted to differentiate herself from it – at least visually.

Not all of her fans seemed excited about the new look. That was also possible Katy not over. “They don’t like my hair or wish it was longer,” she said in the interview. So some people on the net compared the musician with Justin Bieber (26) and Eminem (48).

Actor Orlando Bloom and singer Katy Perry
Katy Perry at a gala dinner in LA in March 2017
The singer Justin Bieber in January 2020

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