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Johnny Depp + Co .: These stars lost it with Hollywood

Johnny Depp + Co.
These stars have lost it with Hollywood

Pleading doesn’t help either! Johnny Depp’s reputation in Hollywood has plummeted.


There is no official blacklist in Hollywood, but if it did exist, Johnny Depp would be high on it. However, he’s not the only star to have fallen out of favor in the dream factory.

Since Johnny Depps, 58, sued “The Sun” and the associated lawsuit, his reputation has suffered massively: More and more shocking details about his marriage to Amber Heard, 35, came to light. And finally, the British newspaper wins with the result that Depp can be officially called a “woman beater” by the media – the end of his career. But other stars have lost it with Hollywood.

Johnny Depp + Co .: Hollywood is done with these stars

The list of former megastars who are now clinging to scandals or missteps is frighteningly long. Be it Mel Gibson, 65, who drew attention to himself with discriminatory statements and an intoxicated car trip. Or Roseanne Barr, 68, who wanted to celebrate her big comeback in 2018 with the reboot of her cult series: Shortly after the start, however, she racially insulted the former advisor to Barack Obama, 60, and as a consequence was removed from the series, which has since been known as “The Conners “is running. You can find out in the video which other stars are still considered “persona non grata” in Hollywood.

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