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Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt: Insider: “You Missed Each Other”

Did they fall in love again – or did their previous love turn into a deep friendship? Almost 16 years after the separation of Jennifer Aniston (52) and Brad Pitt (57), some fans are still hoping for a love comeback. The ex-couple’s recent encounters only reinforced the rumors of reconciliation.

Did ex-husband Brad Pitt visit Jennifer Aniston on the set? In the video above we show you the suspicious photo.

Even if neither the Hollywood star has never spoken out openly, the love speculation on the net still persists. An insider spoke to the US magazine “Us Weekly” and explained what is really going on between Jen and Brad!

Pretty luxurious! You can see the love nest in which Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt lived as a married couple in the video below.

Insider: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are always talking to each other

The insider told the US magazine: “The whole world pounces on every photo of the two. But Jen doesn’t make a big deal out of it and prefers to keep her mouth shut.” After the 57-year-old actor attended the attractive blonde’s 50th birthday party, the ball got rolling. Since then, rumors of a possible love comeback have been increasing. “People are even more suspicious because Jen does not comment or deny the rumors,” said the insider.

He added, “She knows exactly how the hype works. It almost seems like she’s enjoying keeping other people under suspicion. The same goes for Brad.” The former dream couple should still be in regular contact, as “Us Weekly” reports: “Brad and Jen have been talking to each other since the beginning of the Corona lockdown – whether on the phone or via Zoom. They also meet in person every now and then. They meet for a quick coffee or lunch. They are like old friends philosophizing about life together. “

Jen and Brad: “Happy to have found each other again”

Just over 20 years after their first date, the former couple seem to be closely connected again. And that although Brad Pitt broke Jennifer Aniston’s heart when he hooked up with fellow actress Angelina Jolie (45). The old camels seem to be history by now, as the insider claimed: “Brad felt extremely guilty, but they overcame their differences and started a fresh start.” He added: “The more they talked to each other, the more they realized how much they missed each other.” This could also be the reason why both Brad and Jennifer ignore the recurring love rumors.

“You have decided to take it as a compliment. You are just happy to have found each other again,” said the insider. “Brad has already poured his heart out to Jen and talked about his children and his future plans.” Although the Hollywood stars have re-established a close bond with one another, they definitely don’t want to risk it, as the insider made clear in an interview with Us Weekly: “They love one another a lot. It would be too tragic if they dated again lose sight or hurt one another. ” Nevertheless, it should still crackle between the two: “When they are in the same room, everyone can feel that the chemistry between them is right.”

We have all been waiting for these pictures! You can see in the following video how intimate and intimate Jennifer and Brad were over the past year.

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