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Jack Nicholson: Secret daughter – and she looks like him

She says superstar Jack Nicholson, 82, is her father. And when you look at her, you believe it immediately – with the similarity.

Like the face: is Tessa Gorin Jack Nicholson’s daughter?

The 25 year old Tessa Gourin recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram, imitating her father’s typical eyebrows and “Joker” grin.

According to a US report, she wrote: “I just did a DNA test and it looks like I’m 100% that bitch!”

In fact, the similarity to Nicholson’s well-known signature look, made famous in the horror flick “Shining” (1980), is striking.

Biographer: “There is ample documented evidence that he is her father”

Tessa is said to be the result of Nicholson’s affair with the New Yorker Realtor Jennine Gourin be. But he had the then 20-year-old left when he found out she was pregnant.

The three-time Oscar winner has five children by four women and refuses to recognize Tessa. The silence of their mother allegedly cost him a lot of severance pay.

Tessa looks like Jack Nicholson without a doubt today, and there is ample documented evidence that he is her father,

reveals the Nicholson biographer Dennis McDougal to the “National Enquirer”. What do you think? Vote below!

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