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Is that the all-clear? Finally she says how she is doing>entertainment>

April 20, 2021 – 11:16 am clock

Britney Spears: “I’m fine”

The moment is finally here, which Britney Spears’ (39) fans have longed for. The singer replied on Instagram when asked how she was doing. For months, the 39-year-old has been posting photos and videos in which her fans suspect hidden calls for help. Britney is still under the controversial guardianship of her father, Jamie Spears. Fans and other celebrities around the world suspect that she may be held at home. In her new clip, the singer says: “I’m fine.” Her fans haven’t heard these words from her in a long time. But is that really the all-clear?

She is “extremely happy”

Relief and worry at the same time

Britney Spears answers three questions in her clip, but the last one her fans were most excited about. It could be the most asked question from your followers, because under every photo or video thousands of users write: “Britney, are you okay?” She now has the answer: “Yes, I am fine, I am extremely happy. I have a wonderful home, wonderful children.” Then she announces: “I am currently taking a break to take care of myself.”

Many fans are happy about the clip. Comments like “The first time that she answers the question how she is doing. That is good” or “She finally answers questions that we really asked” each receive over 10,000 likes from other users. Nevertheless, many followers are worried. “The way she keeps looking to the side and the cuts seem strange to me,” says one person. Also in a video in which Britney explained her goals for the year 2021, she kept looking to the side.

In the video: Britney Spears’ sons have grown up pretty big

Hidden cry for help in this dance video?

So Britney’s fans are not really relieved. Just a few days earlier, the 39-year-old posted – once again – a dance video in which many users claim to have discovered alleged cries for help. The world star dances to a French song called “SOS” – and of course the fans took a closer look at the lyrics of the song. “I am trapped”, “You have turned me into an object or” I have fallen so deep that no one can see me “are just a few of the lines that are worrying for many.

Documentary attracted increased attention

Supporters of the singer have been speculating for months that she no longer has access to her social media accounts and is therefore sending hidden messages with the help of certain words, colors or gestures. Most recently, she even claimed that she was flattered because so many people worry about her.

A few months ago the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” was published, which describes how Britney’s father took over her guardianship and has since controlled the singer’s career. Many celebrities then drew attention to the pop star’s situation under the hashtag #FreeBritney and expressed their condolences. Now the singer is fighting to make someone else her guardian.

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