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George Clooney: 60 Style Moments – the best (and worst) looks of his life

George Clooney turns 60! GQ honors the star and style hero with a series of articles about his career. Here: the looks of his life – from leather jackets to tuxedos

George Clooney is one of the few Hollywood stars of our time who still goes through the classic version of one and still exudes a certain appeal to a younger audience. This is probably due to his charm, talent and do-gooding existence, which has made him so successful over many years. (Interesting: the great George Clooney portrait)

He may not stand for “high fashion” – and yet many fans orientate themselves towards his look, which is mostly based on the occasion, but sometimes also comes with a certain (careless) nonchalance. (Also Read: George Clooney in Big GQ Interview: Hollywood’s Biggest Star)

If you click through the thousands of photos of George Clooney from the 1980s to today, you will notice the following, completely subjective things about his “fashion consciousness”:

George Clooney always looks best in Italy. He seems to have internalized “La Dolce Vita” so much that he slides out of the speedboat in Venice or on Lake Como in white (!) Shoes (no sneakers!) Like from an Antonioni film. In addition, a (deep) unbuttoned shirt, light-colored pants and the mischievous Clooney smile. Dov’è il mio aperitivo?

You rarely see white shoes on Mr. Clooney – except in Bella Italia.

Getty Images

George Clooney can even hobble with some dignity (cool) on the red carpet in crutches. Probably due to the commonly associated masculine causes for these walking aids: Accidents with various fast vehicles. (Do you remember? George Clooney is auctioning off his Harley-Davidson for Amal’s sake)

Crutches are also accepted as accessories on the red carpet.

Getty Images

George Clooney always looks good in all black – and he knows it too. (Also interesting: All Black Outfit – this is how the fashion trend works)

George Clooney is happy about his “Freedom Award”.

Getty Images

The color brown is a big no-go for Mr. Clooney. Unfortunately to his ignorance – or he doesn’t care (probably the latter).

Or maybe it’s because of his strange beard?

Getty Images

Yes, don’t fly, tie please! Humphrey Bogart would be appalled.

A guest appearance on “Saturday Night Life” is a career highlight that is better done without that tie.

Getty Images

Long before dad jeans became a trend, they were a constant companion on Clooney’s long air travel. (Also interesting: trend “Dad Jeans” – this is how you wear the denim style now)

When flying it can be comfortable – especially when you feel like you are circling the globe several times a month.

Getty Images

George Clooney always looks best (after Italy) when he’s allowed to talk about serious issues (see UN press conferences). Perfectly fitting suit, correct haircut, tie (exceptionally). The man just knows how to use fashionable tricks to capture people for a good cause. John F. Kennedy already knew that. From this we conclude: George for President! (Worth reading: Rolex, Omega & Cartier: These are the watches from JFK)

Learned from Kennedy: Serious topics are best presented in well-tailored suits.

Getty Images

He likes to be casual when it comes to cover shoots. Just not too much styling fuss or big outfit changes. With the necessary self-confidence and style, you can also do a GQ shoot (for our December 2020 issue) in jeans and a T-shirt. But then the suit has to be found for the cover.

George Clooney at the GQ cover shoot with photographer Jason Nocito in 2020.

Jason Nocito

And one last observation: George definitely has a tendency to “slob”. If he doesn’t have to dress up for an official occasion (or is in Italy), the polo shirt / loose jeans combination wins. You can’t blame him for it either. After all, he turns sixty and is above any fashion judgment.

(Also Read: George Clooney’s Professions: From Pediatrician to CIA Agent)

So much for the primary findings regarding his fashion taste in public appearances. If you’d like to see even more looks by George Clooney, you’ll find many more fashion moments from the Hollywood icon in this highlight gallery, starting with the early years …

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