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Felix van Deventer is hardly recognizable thanks to mega muscles>entertainment>

September 07, 2021 – 9:19 pm clock

Felix van Deventer is the new super muscle man

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49) and Vin Diesel (54) suddenly seem like slouches next to HIM! GZSZ star Felix van Deventer (25) presents himself with a new body. And his muscles are so big that we don’t even want to speak of a mountain of muscles, but rather of an entire muscle planet. You can see how impressive his transformation looks in our video above.

GZSZ- “Jonas” now has luxury muscles

GZSZ fans know Felix as “Jonas”, the slightly spoiled normal guy next door. In contrast, the “new” van Deventer looks as if he could easily lift the entire GZSZ set with his little finger and casually upload Instagram photos while doing so. “I train in the rain at night,” jokes the actor. In view of these Schwarzenegger-style muscles, we are already wondering whether it has really rained THAT much recently. Anyway, pumping in the rain shower was worth it. After all, there is praise from one of the particularly beautiful in Germany. “Respect, my dear,” says ex-Bachelor Paul Jahnke (39). And if the body transformation continues like this, Felix will soon lift it up with his little toe … (nos)

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