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Federal election 2021 ǀ Who you should really vote for – Friday

The federal elections in 2021 will take place in a few weeks. At first glance a normal process, such elections are part of a democratic order. In contrast to many previous decisions, this one is far more than an ordinary ballot, if there can be such a thing at all. Rather, it is a matter of a choice of fate, because many indicators suggest that the world has already crossed the threshold to a change of times and that every decision could have long-term, perhaps irreversible consequences.

Therefore, on September 26th, 2021 it is not about which parties will get how many seats, who will be prevented or who will gain unprecedented size. It is about the fate of everyone, even if something like this has often not yet penetrated consciousness. There is always calm before the storm. It is deceptive and only ever thinks safe those who have no idea of ​​what is to come.

Obviously, however, the world is about to enter a new age. It’s hard to deny and people have a feel for it too. Often it is a feeling that is interpreted from many individual signs. It cannot be articulated. Perhaps at first you cannot grasp it rationally and yet it has its reasons and cause in the very instinct that is peculiar to humans and that flashes again and again where the large and small defects and inconsistencies of everyday life accumulate. Change is in the air and that does not only refer to the disintegrating social structures and the unmistakable milieu struggles, which are often wrongly misinterpreted as a mere division and thus of course have to remain unsolved.

And yet the reader is asked to leave the level of their own real life as well as their specific view and dare to take a global view, because even if some future-oriented questions may already be discussed, others will not yet:

– Dealing with technological progress

New technologies will present the citizens with completely new challenges and the questions about how to deal with them are not to be asked when a variant has become firmly established, but as long as they are still malleable. This includes the rise of behavioral capitalism as the dominant type of capitalism , the transformation of Homo sapiens into Homo stimulus or unanswered questions about new technologies such as biotechnology, surveillance, possibly in the sense of a social credit system or artificial intelligence.

– The rise of new competitors in world markets

Both China and, what may come as a surprise to some, India could not only overtake the European Union economically in the next few decades, which has already happened in the case of the country of the Middle, but, along with other rising states, usher in an Asian century in which the supremacy of the West will finally come to an end. Economic indicators may be abstract, but in concrete terms this will probably manifest itself in massive losses in prosperity, which must be counteracted.

– The Weakness of the western world

The western world seems more unstable, which is manifested, for example, in the dwindling trust in the existing order. At the same time, a loss of competitiveness and a decline in international influence cannot be overlooked. Crises like the world financial crisis, the national debt and Corona also seem to affect the West far more than the Asian countries. Is the western star sinking? It cannot be ruled out. One possibility to counteract this would be the introduction of value capitalism.

– The change in environmental conditions

Climate change was and is already on everyone’s lips and yet it is only one point on a long list that has to be supplemented by scarcity of raw materials, resource exploitation, environmental degradation or the occurrence of pandemics, disasters and much more. Nature remains a major factor in the rise and fall of nations and regions.

– Lack of perspective in part of humanity
Even if issues such as overpopulation or a lack of basic and security needs are currently only playing a subordinate role in the media, nothing has changed in terms of the urgency of the problems themselves. The world population is growing. Migration and flight remain an issue. Urbanization is a trend and social decay is a global phenomenon.

A world of change needs design, not administration

We are facing a change of times and this has long since triggered a new era: that of collective individualism. Some of the great challenges are now obvious, others will come to the fore in the next few years. The future requires a multitude of measures in order to be able to guarantee long-term sustainability.

The Erich von Werner Society, as an independent institution for time-related issues, therefore expressly recommends that you take these points into account and only place your trust in those who you believe will have the appropriate will to create.

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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