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“Fast and the Furious 9” turns on Til Schweiger! This toddler plays the young Vin Diesel!

One thing is in with the PS machos “Fast and Furious” always very important: the family! Vin Diesel now seemed to have applied this to real life, because as has now become known, in a flashback in the ninth part of the lead-foot saga, Dom Toretto to be seen as a little boy. This is from Vincent Sinclair Embodied Diesel, the ten-year-old son of Vin. Why not? Til Schweiger did it too!

“Fast and the Furious 9” was one of the first victims to be removed from the cinemas by the corona pandemic. The finished film was dated Spring 2020 already on April 2021 postponed.

Another postponement then imposed the film May 2021.

Universal has now topped up again and pushed the Bleifuss opera on June 24, 2021.

Are you still in the mood for the furious, angry oaks? Let us know in the comments:

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