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“Cruel”: Kate Winslet has been constantly criticized for body

At least since the film classic Titanic, Kate Winslet (45) has been one of Hollywood’s big names. Only recently had she admitted that at the beginning of her success in the glamorous acting world, she felt out of place. After all, she had to take harsh criticism during her career. She was often attacked in media reports, especially because of her body. Well spoke Kate open about how she dealt with the offensive voices at the time.

In conversation with The Guardian The 45-year-old said that there was a lot talked about her body in her twenties. While she was still looking for herself, her weight was constantly estimated and nasty commented on in the media. “It was cruel and so harrowing to read that”, remembered Kate. When she then commented on her appearance, she was suddenly considered brash. “But no, I was just defending myself,” the actress clarified.

These experiences have seriously damaged the British woman’s perception and self-confidence. It was not until the birth of their daughter Mia in 2000 that anything could change that. So have yourself Kate’s Thoughts about body image finally smashed, as she reported.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in “Titanic”
Kate Winslet at the 2016 Special Screening of “The Dressmaker”
Kate Winslet, British actress



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