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Chris Pratt proudly shows his superhero powers – on the Rubik’s Cube>entertainment>

October 10, 2020 – 3:49 pm clock

Marvel superhero in a puzzle mood

In the 80s it was a must in every child’s room: the “Rubik’s Cube”. But even nowadays the tricky Rubik’s Cube is right back in fashion – even in Hollywood. One of the ambitious hobby potters is Marvel superstar Chris Pratt. In order to give his fans the perfect result, the 41-year-old practiced for a whole year – and proudly presents his heroic Rubik’s cube qualities to his fans.

Hollywood star Chris Pratt has what it takes!

The Hollywood hottie turns and turns the Rubik’s Cube in his hands with great concentration. Again and again he is very close – almost all pages are the same color. And then: BÄM! Are all pages uniformly error-free. “Finally I did it!”, Writes Pratt about the video that he shares on his Instagram channel. A real sense of achievement that proves once again: Practice makes perfect!

And as a real superhero at the Rubik’s Cube, he can certainly show his son Jack (8) a trick or two. And when little Lyla (1 month) is older, she can surely learn something from dad too.



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