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Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden: This is how it goes with their little daughter

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have been the proud parents of a daughter since the end of December. An insider now reveals that they are in the seventh heaven of baby happiness.

Actress Cameron Diaz, 47, and her husband, “Good Charlotte” guitarist Benji Madden, 40, are said to be experiencing pure bliss right now. The stars have apparently had a desire to have children for a long time. Accordingly, they now find life with daughter Raddix to be very joyful.

Benji Madden + Cameron Diaz: extreme protective instinct

The couple surprised their fans with the baby news on Instagram in early January. However, they did not post a picture of the little Raddix – they have no plans to do so in the future. She writes that she and her husband are keen to protect their daughter’s privacy. An insider told “People” that Benji and Cameron have a strong protective instinct when it comes to their child.

You probably never leave the house at the same time, so that one of the two is always with Raddix. In addition, “they spend time with their families and close friends in their own homes,” said the insider. However, they don’t seem to go outside with Raddix. According to the source, they want to avoid their offspring coming into contact with flu viruses floating around.

Pure happiness

With the birth of Raddix Chloe Wildflower Madden on December 30, 2019, a dream came true for the Hollywood actress: “Cameron has always imagined what it would be like to be a mother. You can tell that her expectations have even been exceeded. She is happier than ever, “says the insider. In addition, Cameron found the past few weeks that she spent with her daughter to be magical.

Many celebrities, especially in Hollywood, often hire a nanny. According to People, this is out of the question for Benji and Cameron. You should want to spend “every second with the baby”. They have allegedly been preparing for this since their wedding in 2015. Another source, not named, said that Benji and Cameron have been living particularly healthy and reducing stress for several years.

Cameron Diaz apparently did not play the little Raddix himself. In November 2019, no pictures of the blonde beauty show a baby bump – on the contrary, she wears tight jeans. Therefore, your daughter is likely adopted or given birth to a surrogate mother. Biology or not: Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz love their daughter more than anything and enjoy the wonderful family life.

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