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Bitter: Tom Cruise’s car with “Top Gun” script was stolen!

The making of this film does not seem to be under very good stars! First, the premiere of the sequel to the action classic “Top Gun” starring Tom Cruise (59) was postponed in 2018. Then there were further delays due to the ongoing health situation. But that was not all. The latest drama about the film happened a few days ago: Tom’s car – which included the script for “Top Gun: Maverick” – was stolen.

According to The Sun the theft happened as part of the filming of Tom’s film “Mission: Impossible 7” in Birmingham, Great Britain. Accordingly, one of the only copies of the script was in the car. Both the BMW and the script were found a little later near a chicken restaurant. However, it is still unclear whether the robbers made copies of the secret film content.

After this incident, Paramount Pictures took special security measures: “The only specimens that are outside the studio vaults now have their own security service when they are transported”, reports a source. Despite the hurdles that the film has to overcome before it is released, those involved are enthusiastic that an end is in sight – the film is due to hit theaters in May 2022.

Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 7, April 2021
Tom Cruise in May 2021
Actor Tom Cruise at the 57th Golden Globe Awards

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