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April 17, 2021 – 11:13 am clock

Could something work there again? Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are both single

Jennifer Lopez (51) goes through life solo again. After various speculations about separation and denials, the pop queen has now confirmed that the relationship with US sports star Alex Rodriguez (45) is finally over. A message that makes the fans of the singer and the ex-baseball professional sad. But a man should secretly be happy about the end of love. As the British “Mirror” reports, J.Los ex-fiance and Oscar winner Ben Affleck (48) is already in the starting blocks to knock again at La Lopez. Was the actor just waiting for the right moment to take a step towards his ex-girlfriend?

Was Ben Affleck just waiting for this moment?

Does fate now bring together what belongs together? As luck would have it, ex-partners Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are both currently single. At the beginning of the year it became known that “Bond” girl Ana de Armas (32) had dumped the actor – allegedly on the phone. A breakup that the “Gone Girl” star found difficult to cope with. Now ex-girlfriend J.Lo does the same. The mother of two announces that she and A-Rod will only go through life as “friends” in the future. Did the rumors of kissing Madison LeCroy have anything to do with this decision? One thing is certain: Jennifer is back and that is exactly what Ben Affleck could now play into the cards.

J.Los and Ben’s love story

Pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez poses with her fiancé, Hollywood actor Ben Affleck, on this handout of the US Academy at the 75th Annual Academy Awards on March 23, 2003 in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 75th Academy Awards in 2003.

© picture-alliance / dpa, Hubert Boesl

Let’s take a look at their romantic past: The former lovers got engaged in 2002, but canceled the wedding in 2004. Then J. Lo married the Latin superstar Marc Anthony (52) and became the mother of their twins Emme and Maximilian (both 13), while Ben married the actress Jennifer Garner (48) and had three daughters with her. Both couples divorced a few years later and then embarked on new romances. Jennifer on Alex and Ben on Ana. Both could imagine a future with their partner, the “Jenny From The Block” star was even engaged. But the planned wedding fell into the water again and again because of the corona pandemic. Fortunately, you could say today – after all, it obviously didn’t fit between J.Lo and A-Rod.

“You don’t have much to lose”

Coincidence that Ben recently spoke highly of his former partner? In an interview, he described the 51-year-old as “talented and successful” and joked that she must have fallen into a “fountain of youth” in order to look so good at over 50. A source tells the “Mirror” that a “Bennifer” reunion is not that unlikely:

“[Jennifers] and Ben’s breakup had nothing to do with the fact that they were no longer attracted to each other – he was simply disillusioned with all of his fame. But the two have matured so much over the past 18 years – they get along very well and have chatted a lot lately. “And further:” They don’t have much to lose if they try again. Ben is ready to be patient. “

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