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Beef with Kanye West – Kim Kardashian in Drake’s new music video?

Beef between giants

For a few weeks there has been a big beef between the two rap superstars Drake and Kanye West. The rappers keep giving each other virtual blows via Instagram stories and cryptic posts, and these become more intense with each passing day.

Just recently, Kanye West published an Instagram post in which he showed the full address of his adversary Drake. However, he deleted this post within a few seconds – but fans were quick enough to immortalize the whole thing with screenshots on their mobile phones.

Kim Kardashian

There have been many scandals about rapper Kanye West in recent years. He burst into tears during a presidential campaign and admitted that he almost forced his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to have his daughter aborted.

It didn’t take long before his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, finally filed for divorce papers and their long-standing marriage came to an end. Since then, there has been absolute silence between the two of them. On the one hand, many fans were delighted with this turnaround, as Kanye would publish the “best music” in such a condition.


Drake’s new music video, which features a model who amazingly looks a lot like Kim Kardashian, is sure to have turned heads. Drake released the music video for his song “Way 2 Sexy” last Friday – and there was a scene that caught the attention of fans – and not just because of its hilarious parody.

In the scene, a group of four models is sitting around promoting a fragrance called “Wet By Drake”. However, fans quickly noticed that one of the women looked very similar to Kim Kardashian. As a result, quite a few fans went on Twitter to address this topic there.

Here are some excerpts from the music video for “Way 2 Sexy”:

Kim Kardashian double in Drake's music video?
Kim Kardashian double in Drake’s music video?
Close up of model who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian
Close up of model who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian

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