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Anne Hathaway puts bodyshamers in their place

If anyone knows how to skilfully direct the overpowering voyeurism of the Internet, it’s Anne Hathaway – now she’s beating bodyshamer with her own resources.

In 2016, while on vacation at the beach, the actress noticed paparazzi secretly snapping footage of her baby bump, which had not yet been publicly revealed. So she got ahead of them and revealed her pregnancy on Instagram with a photo and the following caption: “If such a photo is sent out into the world, then it should at least be one that makes me happy (and that was made with my consent is. And with a filter :)) “. After giving birth, Hathaway battled the dangerous public fascination with pregnancy-induced weight gain with a pair of self-cut jeans. “There’s no shame in breaking down and making your own denim shorts because last summer’s are just way too short for this summer’s thighs,” she joked. “Bodies change. Bodies grow. Bodies shrink. It’s all love.”

Now the 35-year-old actress is once again holding the mirror up to the media. “I’m gaining weight for a movie role and it’s going well,” she wrote alongside a time-lapse video on Instagram showing her exercising. “For all of the people who are going to ‘fatshamen’ me for the next few months – it’s not me, it’s you.” And as if that weren’t enough verbal attack, she also noted that she actually wanted to deposit the video with Queen’s famous ode to fuller characters “Fat Bottomed Girls”, but it failed for copyright reasons.

Anne Hathaway is one of many celebrity women who stand up against body shamers. In the summer, Rihanna responded to critics of her curvier figure with a meme that shows two shots of the rapper Gucci Mane – 10 years and many pounds apart. The title: “If you don’t want me in the” Gucci Mane 2007 “version, then you don’t deserve me in my” Gucci Mane 2017 “version”. Then, during Fashion Month, Gigi Hadid defended herself against anyone who suspected her weight fluctuations and boldly revealed that she had Hashimoto’s disease. “I’m not going to explain what my body looks like any more than anyone whose body type doesn’t meet your ‘beauty’ expectations shouldn’t have to,” she wrote.

The unpleasant reality is that male stars are rarely (if ever) exposed to the same amount of harsh and superficial media judgment as their female colleagues. But the good news: The women in Hollywood no longer just take it like that – and their smart return carriages are getting better and better.

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