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Amber Heard’s assistant unwraps: She abused me!

The noose is tightened: statements from her assistant are supposed to expose the wrong game played by Amber Heard, 33. After the actress herself admitted that she molested her ex-husband Johnny Depp, 56, new details are now coming to light.

Ex-Assistant Kate: Amber made my life hell

A recorded conversation between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in February revealed that the violence in the relationship between the actors did not come from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. Amber previously accused her ex of being violent. Especially his Alcohol addiction Johnny was repeatedly attached as a motif. In the recording, however, the blonde admits: “I have the physical struggle began. (…) I can’t promise youthat I am not back physically will.”

Now Amber’s former assistant speaks up: Kate James worked on the side of Beauty from 2012 to 2015. According to the Daily Mail, the American describes this time as “Nightmare”. Accordingly, she was regularly abused by her boss – by mobbing be the talk.

More from Amber Heard:

Assistant is certain: Amber Heard is a liar!

Johnny Depp got Kate as one at this time “serene and caring” person perceived. The 56-year-old cared for Kate’s son lovingly while she ran errands for Amber:

Johnny taught him how to play the guitar. He was very patient and kind.

Your statements should be decisive in the court process between the ex-couple. Because: Kate also wants to prove that Amber’s body has never shown traces of violence.

Kate spent up to seven days a week as a personal assistant with the “Aquaman” actress. In some situations she even saw the actress naked and no wounds, stains, or scratches on Amber’s skin. The injuries that the 33-year-old speaks of should be dated back to the same period.

Time with the Hollywood beauty turns out to be a nightmare

Amber is by no means a victim, claims Kate James. Instead, she is one Tyrantthat above all under the influence of drugs such as MDMA and alcohol become a fury. For example, if Johnny Depp’s ex-wife drank too much wine again, she should offensive become and shouted out loud to have. Nobody could calm the native Texan.

For Kate, the time with Amber is said to have been so bad that she hardly eat anything could. Your family and friends became seriously concerned when they realized how emaciated was the American.

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