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Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long: Bad Friends

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long
Bad friends

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long

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Hollywood star Amanda Seyfried has to worry about her relationship – friends of her partner Justin Long don’t like her

Amanda Seyfried (27) could go on dates again in the future – unintentionally, because Justin Long (35) supposedly wants to dump her soon.

The screen actress (‘Lovelace’) is probably not that popular with the friends of the movie star (‘Crazy About You’), because they want to make him leave his girlfriend.

It is believed that the actor couple has been in a relationship since August, but the relationship could already be about to end – and Seyfried’s past should be to blame for that. She was already with stars like Dominic Cooper (35, ‘The Duchess’), Ryan Phillippe (39, ‘The Client’) and Josh Hartnett (35, ‘Pear Harbor’) – much to the displeasure of Long’s friends. “Justin wants to settle down and get married, but his friends don’t think Amanda is the right girl for him,” a source told Star magazine. “He told his friends that he is a big boy and that they don’t have to worry about him. But only time will tell.”

In the meantime, the celebrities can often be seen together in public, walking the dogs or drinking coffee. As happy as she is with her boyfriend, the actress still wants to maintain a good relationship with her ex-friends. Together with her former flame Dominic Cooper, the beautiful blonde starred in her 2008 film ‘Mamma Mia!’ in front of the camera. That welded the two together. “We love each other. He will always be in my life, regardless of what his girlfriends think of mine or his future wife. I’ll never get together with a guy who doesn’t get along with my friendship with him,” admitted the blonde defiant.

But her current crush is also no stranger to relationships with other top-class colleagues. Long was dating Hollywood star Drew Barrymore (38, ’50 first dates’) – but the couple split on good terms in 2010.

One can only hope that Justin Long’s friends will not thwart Amanda Seyfried’s relationship.


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