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Adam Sandler: No Oscar nomination, but still “Best Actor”

You could actually have rewarded with an Oscar nomination. Both “Independent Spirit Awards(Only film productions that did not cost more than $ 22.5 million will be considered), which can always be a good indicator for the Oscars, he cleared away. He was allowed in the marquee on the beach at Santa Monica take home the award for “Best Actor”.

Allegedly, arrogant statements should have cost him an Oscar nomination. According to the “New York Post“shall be a member of the”Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences“have said:”Adam was arrogant. He lacked respect. “The reason for this assumption is supposed to be an interview, which Sandler in the “Howard Stern Show “. In it he is said to have threatened rather jokingly that if he doesn’t get an Oscar, he will deliberately make a terrible film just to wipe one out of the academy.

Another Oscar voter is quoted as saying: “Unfortunately, some actors become brands. and Adam Sandlers Brand doesn’t exactly scream for an Oscar. “

It would also be exciting to know where to go Renée Zellweger all her trophies, which she has already won for “Judy”. She was also honored as “Best Actress” at the “Spirit Awards”.



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