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5 series to watch after “Mare of Easttown”

“Mare of Easttown” caught us in front of the screens this year, but it’s not the only crime series that shines with excitement until the final showdown. We have five more series tips for you on Sky.

Hardly any other series this year has taken us as deeply as “Mare of Easttown”, surprised us with its final breakup and let us cheer us on. The HBO production with Kate Winslet, which is broadcast on Sky in this country, accompanies a police officer who is looking for the murderer of a young mother. If you feel a big hole in your series heart after “Mare”, we have five more crime series on Sky that have similarly exciting stories to offer.

Sharp Objects

Amy Adams slips into the scarred skin of journalist Camille Preaker in the HBO series “Sharp Objects”. She returns to her hometown to report on a gruesome murder case. Not only was a young girl murdered, the killer pulled all of her teeth out. Camille tries to get information about the victims and potential suspects through the local residents and is haunted by her own demons. When she returns to her parents’ house, Camille not only confronts her mother Adora (Patricia Clarkson), but also a stroke of fate of her own. The first episodes are – similar to “Mare of Easttown” – a little quieter, but the deeper we dive into Camille’s past, the darker and more stirring the film adaptation on the novel becomes “Cry Baby” * based by Gillian Flynn.

Your Honor

“Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston walks over corpses for his family in “Your Honor”. After his son Adam is hit and missed, judge Michael Desiato (Cranston) learns in the news that it was not an unnamed child who died, but the son of the dangerous Mafia leader Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg). Michael tries to use his connections to cover up the traces of his son. The web of lies is getting bigger and bigger and not only dangerous for Michael and Adam, but also brings innocent citizens into the sights of Baxter. An exciting first season with ten episodes. A sequel was commissioned after the positive response from the audience.

The Undoing

the novel “You could have known” * by Jean Hanff Korelitz was filmed by HBO under the name “The Undoing” and shines with a star appearance. Nicole Kidman plays the renowned psychologist Grace Fraser, who leads the perfect life at first sight. At her son’s private school, she befriends a young mother named Elena, who is found murdered in her studio shortly afterwards. When Grace tries to tell her husband, the oncologist Jonathan (Hugh Grant), he is suddenly unreachable. The moment when Grace realizes that her husband has obviously not been honest with her in a long time. But does that make him a murderer?

Big Little Lies

If you can’t get enough of Nicole Kidman, you can go straight to “Big Little Lies”. The film adaptation of the novel “A thousand little lies” * by Liane Moriarty was so well received by the fans that HBO directly commissioned a second season. This brings the intoxicating Hollywood cast around Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern & Co again in front of the camera. Season 1 is about the arrival of the young, single mother Jane in the coastal town of Monterey, which stirs up some drama and ultimately ends in murder. In season 2 we can look forward to an exciting addition to the cast: Meryl Streep slips into the role of Celeste’s mother-in-law, who suspects that her grandchildren are not in a safe environment after the incidents in season 1 and who messes with the female clique.

The Night Of

The HBO series “The Night Of” was one of the best series of 2016 and if you haven’t seen it, you should catch up on it quickly. The focus of the crime series is the young Pakistani-American student Naz (Riz Ahmed), for whom one night is fatal. He runs into a young woman by chance and goes home with her. What follows is sex and drugs to the point of unconsciousness. When Naz wakes up the next morning, he discovers that the woman was cruelly murdered. Panicked, he fled and tried to cover up traces that could lead to him, but Naz didn’t get very far. Naz is charged with murder, but is he really the ice cold killer he’s portrayed as? Lawyer John Stone (John Turturro) tries to find out the truth about that night.

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