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Will there be a sequel to the remake soon?

“Cinderella” from 2021 reinterprets the iconic fairy tale with Camila Cabello in the lead role. But what about “Cinderella 2”?

The story of “Cinderella” and her magical night with the prince has been filmed several times over the years. Be it as a cartoon, a modern fairy tale or a true-to-original film adaptation. The classic was reinterpreted in 2021. The result is a feminist musical version in which Cinderella “Ella” (Camila Cabello) pursues a completely different dream of becoming a princess. We’ll tell you here whether her story will be continued in “Cinderella 2”.

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What about “Cinderella 2”?

+++ Warning, spoiler warning for “Cinderella” (2021)! +++

As an ambitious fashion designer and tailor, Ella’s “Cinderella” version from 2021 is not necessarily interested in becoming a princess. She would rather work on her career and therefore give up her luck with Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine). But in a twist, the prince’s sister takes over his inheritance so that Robert can travel around the world with his lover. The second part could accompany the two on their adventures together. An exciting premise, but so far it has only been speculation. “Cinderella 2” has not yet been confirmed. It remains to be seen whether and when a sequel will appear. The success of the musical film will be decisive here. However, since the reviews of the film were rather mixed, a sequel is unlikely. You can watch the film stream on Amazon Prime.

Alternatives to “Cinderella 2”:

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to a sequel. With these alternatives, however, you can comfort yourself over the absence of “Cinderella 2”:

  • “La La Land”: In this modern musical, two artists (Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) fall in love. But their ambitions do not make it easy for the two lovers to maintain their happiness. The film is available on Amazon and Joyn in the stream.
  • “Dreamgirls”: When the attractive Deena (Beyoncé Knowles) as the front woman of a Motown trio pushes the talented but plump Effie (Jennifer Hudson) into the background, the band slowly begins to break up. The film is available for purchase on Amazon.
  • “Pitch Perfect”: The Bellas are an a cappella group that lost almost all of its members after an embarrassing performance. Now the team has to reinvent itself in order to have a chance in competition. The film is available on Netflix, TVNOW and Amazon.

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