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Weird true crime comedy with Selena Gomez will save you from the dreary crime swamp

Hardly any genre has experienced such a boom as True Crime in recent years. Puzzle lovers and crime fans literally devour the real crimes, which are appealingly presented in fictional series, documentaries and podcasts. And never before has the fascination of this crime hype been taken up so charmingly and wittily as in the new Disney + series Only Murders in the Building.

But don’t worry: the crime comedy with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez as the self-investigating true crime podcaster is certainly not a parody, but a captivating and extremely funny criminal case – somewhere between Cluedo and Knives Out.

Why you Don’t miss Only Murders in the Building should and what makes this series so special, you can find out here in the series check. But let’s be honest: can a series in which rock star (and dog hater) Sting is suspected of murdering animals and people even be bad?

What you need to know about the Only Murders in the Building series on Disney +

  • The series consists of 10 episodes – weekly at Disney +
  • length: about 30 minutes for a quick detective story
  • genre: Murder mystery comedy for fans of Knives Out, All Murderers Are Already Here, and Manhattan Murder Mystery

The story of Only Murders in the Building is about three passionate crime thriller podcast fans who one day are drawn into a true criminal case themselves. With the detective knowledge they have learned from podcasts, they themselves investigate a murder case. However, they do not share their findings with the police, but with the listeners of their newly conceived audio format.

Watch the trailer for Only Murders in the Building here

Only Murders in the Building – S01 Trailer (English) HD


In order not to spoil the (puzzle) fun for you, I will go into the plot and effect of the series as spoiler-free as possible. Nothing is revealed about the actual case and the investigation.

Murderous investigation with Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin

Only Murders in the Building has a special setting. Because the series takes place mainly in a luxury apartment complex on New York’s Upper West Side. The apparently very wealthy residents live like strangers: inside, anonymously, they pass each other. Every now and then you see each other in silence in the elevator. But that’s about communication in the neighborhood.

So did the unsuccessful actor Charles (Steve Martin), the eccentric director Oliver (Martin Short) and their young artist Mabel (Selena Gomez). They all share the same passion: They adore him True Crime Podcast All is Not Okay in Oklahoma by Cinda Channing (a delightful cameo by Tina Fey).

Only Murders in the Building

And it is precisely this love for criminal cases that finally brings the three fundamentally different and previously very lonely personalities together as one Neighbor dead in his apartment is found. The police assume suicide.

But Mabel, Charles and Oliver have devoured too many crime stories not to sense a murderous conspiracy here. It must have been murder! And so the trio goes in search of traces and suspicious residents: inside. And yes, the aforementioned Sting also lives in the house.

Get out of the dreary crime swamp: Only Murders in the Building is grueling entertaining

For several years now, we have been inundated by a wave of small-town sadness that is being closely watched through the prism of the crime genre. Even if there are numerous highlights like the most recent Mare of Easttown, for my part I am oversaturated with depressive detectives. Only Murders in the Building comes in exactly the right place and delivers a breath of fresh air into the crime genre.

Like Rian Johnson’s Knives Out before, the classic concept of the Murder Mystery is turned on its head and rearranged with sharp humor. The two comedy legends Martin Short and Steve Martin throw us into a scenario that is just as good as “Murder on the Orient Express, but in a posh New York apartment building instead of on the train“. Only that three far too nosy neighbors are investigating here.

Only Murders in the Building

You both wear the series with yours Sensitivity for absurdities and bizarre situation comedy. Be it the dry ex-TV investigator Charles aka Brazzos, who constantly falls over at the sight of blood, or the somewhat too lively off- (off-) Broadway director who sees the podcast as a new career opportunity and analyzes the speaker’s performance more profoundly than that actual case.

Selena Gomez, meanwhile, has the difficult taskto compete against the comedy duo that has been practiced for decades. As an enigmatic and cynical millennial counterpart, however, she does it excellently. Even if it is difficult to grasp as a character at the beginning.

Most of the time, the old warriors are too busy to notice that Mabel (who has loved and lived in detective stories à la The Hardy Boys since childhood) Always three steps ahead in their own investigations is. Here, two series run in parallel that will collide sooner or later.

Only Murders in the Building brings down the facade

Only Murders in the Building works great as a comedy and made me laugh out loud several times. A highlight is, for example, when director Oliver presents the potential suspect on an imaginary stage gathered for the offender casting or we learn that he staged the biggest Broadway flop of all time (12 actors broke their bones in just one performance of Splash! The Musical).

Only Murders in the Building

But in the midst of all the true crime humor, they have surprisingly tragic backgrounds of the characters just as important and turn the clichéd figures into real people.

How well do you really know your neighbors? This question is at the heart of Only Murders in the Building. From one episode to the next, the series reveals more about the characters’ personal stories and secrets, all of whom keep a certain appearance in front of their neighborhood. Everyone has something to hide: we’re still in a crime thriller here.

Only Murders in the Building is a successful mix of a humorous look at the thriller passion and surprising and exciting twists and turns. And soon I will definitely have to collect my notes on a pin board. Because that The puzzle fever of the three passionate true crime podcasters is contagious.

The first season of Only Murders in the Building consists of 10 episodes that have been aired every Tuesday on Disney + since August 31, 2021. The first 3 episodes served as the basis for this series check.

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