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This memory gives Hugh Jackman palpitations |

In the brand new sci-fi drama “Reminiscence“goes Hugh Jackman in search of a mysterious woman who has turned his life upside down. In a video interview, he revealed to us which private and emotional memories still make his heart pound today!

In a future where reality consists of flooding, natural disasters and the law of the fittest, tangible memories of one’s past are better than any drug could ever be. In Lisa Joy’s melancholy and dark sci-fi dystopia “Reminiscence“plays Hugh Jackman the sympathetic “memory dealer” Nick Bannister, who, thanks to the “Reminiscence” machine, can bring his customers’ memories to life. One day the mysterious Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) comes to Nick’s establishment and is really just looking for her key. But between Nick and Mae a dramatic story unfolds, which also makes the “master” of memories dig deep into his own past and almost despair.

For actor Hugh Jackman (“Logan”, “The Greatest Showman”) the role in the sci-fi noir of Lisa Joy, who was best known for her work on the hit series “Westworld”, is almost perfectly tailored. Around the theatrical release of “Reminiscence”, Hugh Jackman himself took the opportunity to dig deep into his own memory, in a #FromWhatICanRemember ”video series on Twitter, for example, to remember how exciting the very first visit to the cinema in“ The Magician from Oz “was:

In an interview with Hugh Jackman not only reveals to us whether he would be willing to use a memory machine himself, but also reveals the moment when he met and fell in love with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. You can see the video here:

“Reminiscence” starts in German cinemas on August 26, 2021. You can see a trailer for the film here:

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