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The 5 best and worst movies with Robert Downey Jr.

As the son of a director, he grew up on film sets and his incomparable acting career began with “Unter Null”: Robert Downey Jr. has been one of the most important actors in US cinema since the 1990s. As Tony Stark, he is Member of the “Avengers” films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most successful film series of all time. The success pays off for him too. Forbes magazine named him the highest paid actor in Hollywood on several occasions, between summer 2014 and summer 2015 he earned around 80 million US dollars.

Its versatility is the secret of its success: Whether as Action hero in “Sherlock Holmes”, in Comedies like “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” or as Character actor as in “The Judge – Right or Honor”: Robert Downey Jr. always convinces. Well: almost always. For him, success and failure are often close together. We have listed his best and worst films for you.

Top 5: The best films with Robert Downey Jr.

1. Chaplin

His first Oscar nomination Downey Jr. received in 1992 for “Chaplin“. In it he played – how could it be otherwise – the acting icon Charlie Chaplin and his beginnings as a filmmaker and highly respected celebrity. Above all, his portrayal received critical praise worldwide: Downey Jr. mimicked the facets and idiosyncrasies of Chaplin so perfectlythat even his heirs had nothing but praise for his performance. With this one film alone, he would have secured his place in film history.

2. Zodiac – The killer’s trail

The hunt for the Zodiac killer ended up being one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in criminal history. The film adaptation “Zodiac – The Killer Trail“was directed by David Fincher in 2007 as a Thriller masterpiece titled. The leading roles include Robert Downey Jr. as a charismatic journalist, but the rest of the cast is also impressive: Jake Gyllenhaal plays the cartoonist Robert Graysmith, and Downey Jrs is the policeman. later “Avengers” colleague Mark Ruffalo represented. One of the best films of the 2000s and thus a highlight in Downey Jrs. Filmography.

3. Iron Man

With this role he became the Action star of the 2010s: When Tony Stark in “Iron man“He landed a mega-hit in 2008. The hitherto unknown cartoon character became suddenly to a pop icon and the star of the Marvel Universe. Overall, Downey Jr. played the part ten times from 2008 to 2019 – most recently in “Avengers: Endgame”. The superhero spectacle became the most successful film of all time in the cinema. An unbelievable success, which the long-lasting film series owes above all to its “Iron Man” star.

4. Tropic Thunder

Also for “Tropic Thunder“got Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination – rightly! He plays the actor Kirk Lazarus, who is supposed to direct the fictional Vietnamese epic “Tropic Thunder”. To play an African American soldier, Lazarus had his skin surgically dyed black. Behind the crazy, crazy acting performance of Downey Jr. is hiding one of the finest satires in recent history on the Hollywood business. Ben Stiller, Jack Black or Tom Cruise are also enjoying themselves by his side through the cocoa.

5. Sherlock Holmes: play in the shadows

In 2009, Downey Jr. took on one of the most filmed roles ever with “Sherlock Holmes”. Its interpretation as cool action hero à la James Bond directed by Guy Ritchie became a hit with the public. The continuation “Sherlock Holmes: Play in the Shadows“is even better. Holmes faces his archenemy Moriarty and goes on a breakneck hunt across Europe to prevent the outbreak of a world war one of the best sequels any times.

Flop 5: the worst movies with Robert Downey Jr.

1. Gothika

The horror thriller “Gothika“doesn’t just count as Low point in Robert Downey Jr.’s career, but also as one of the worst films with Oscar winner Halle Berry. The reason is that holey scriptwhich creates no tension at all and is never logical in itself. To hide that, filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz charged the plot with many moments of shock, which are rather annoying in their penetrance. Also not a brilliant performance by anyone as an actor.

2. Shaggy Dog – Listen who’s barking

Tim Allen is bitten by a dog and then transforms into one himself. As stupid as the principle behind the Disney comedy “Shaggy Dog – Listen who’s barking“sounds, that’s how embarrassing the film is devices. In addition to age-old, childish laughs, Robert Downey Jr. also fools his way through the plot as an evil scientist. With this film it was any good taste is completely missed. In the end, the question remains how such a debacle could ever be produced.

3rd deadline – no more comfortable

In order to build on the “Hangover” success, the classic “Ein Ticket für Zwei” was remade in 2010. But Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis didn’t work at all as an involuntary duo on a road trip. Their chemistry seemed forced, the gags regularly landed below the belt. “Deadline – No more cozy“is accordingly different from” Hangover “too long since forgotten been. It’s a shame: a modern adaptation of “Ein Ticket für Zwei” would certainly have had more potential.

4. Avengers: Age of Ultron

The makers at Marvel Studios also make a mistake. “Avengers: Age of Ultron“, the second film with the united heroes, was one of them. The plot of a murderous artificial intelligence was generic and boring, the non-stop CGI action left no time for suspense or character. Particularly questionable: Tony Stark, of all people, is responsible for the creation of the villain – and thus indirectly also for thousands of deaths. One real disappointment in blockbuster format.

5. The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle

In “The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle“Robert Downey Jr. has expanded his range of roles to include the next classic character: Dr. Dolittle, who speaks to animals. Unfortunately, the film turned out to be Failure. The special effects are terribly artificial, the children’s film doesn’t have an interesting message either, and the jokes go completely wrong. The grand finale is actually just a very drawn out fart scene. Neither Robert Downey Jr. nor Dr. Dolittle deserved this.

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