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Sweetheart stories with Jennifer Aniston

E.It’s not all nonsense in the colorful leaves, Colorful we even owe a tip for eternal life. According to a US study, we read, “Consuming junk food, such as a hot dog, costs us 36 minutes of our life. With good nutrition, we gain 26 minutes with one serving of nuts, for example. ”According to our calculations, if you ate 55 servings of nuts a day, you would gain a whole day over and over again – and munch yourself straight into immortality. You shouldn’t eat a hot dog in between.

Jörg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Such tricks must have been known in Hollywood for a long time. For example at Matthew McConaughey, about the loud In the colleague Yvette Nicole Brown once said that he “always smells of cereal and the good life”. Which begs the question: What does muesli actually smell like? For people who are more averse to the green way of life, the good life should smell more like a hearty English breakfast, but McConaughey’s scent glands don’t have that on offer.

A little sweat in your hair

Its cereal smell is supposedly naturally produced, because he doesn’t even use deodorant, like In claims on a double page about the personal hygiene of the stars. About Jessica Simpson, for example, it says that she only brushes her teeth three times a week – because she “doesn’t like it when they feel too smooth”. Some may be offended by this. On the other hand, Hollywood stars are often blamed for being too slick, and Simpson would be a beneficial exception. Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secret is also revealed: “A little sweat in your hair is nice,” she once announced. If, after all these years, there are still women who have their “Rachel” cut out of “Friends” nostalgia: They should be careful what the hairdresser then rubs into their hair.

Your daughter knows what she wants: Daniela Katzenberger

Your daughter knows what she wants: Daniela Katzenberger

Image: dpa

At least Sophia, Daniela Katzenberger’s six-year-old daughter, who has set an important course, is not afraid of water. “Dad, I don’t want to be a vet and a mermaid,” she said Golden leaf stated according to. “This is getting too much for me. Only mermaid is enough! ”Let’s hope that she will not regret the decision one day, the labor market situation for mermaids seems a little tense to us, a second mainstay or standing tail might not be wrong. If Sophia were to become a vet at the same time, this would also have the advantage that she could treat herself in the event of illness – at least her lower half.

Actor Antoine Monot, Jr. revealed Colorful a marriage secret: “When I go out in the evening, for example, I always act as if Stefanie were with me. Then I know that she would have no problem with my behavior – that is important to me. ”His pub mates have certainly got used to the fact that, in addition to a beer for himself, he also orders an Aperol Spritz for his wife.

Cute problems

Singer Helmut Lotti chats in Colorful from the bed box: “Sometimes I wake up and start speaking with a Dutch accent. Then she starts laughing and also speaks with an accent. And when we have a problem, we sometimes fall into these voices and solve the situation as if it had nothing to do with us. ”That, according to Lotti, works“ unbelievably ”, and why not try it out: Discuss Share your marital crisis with the voices of Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. It’ll look a lot cuter to you.

Simone Thomalla says Gala, she wonders that men “can immediately fall asleep peacefully after an argument”. Some men even manage to do it in the middle of an argument. In addition, Thomalla says that she “always tidy up my room before going to bed. I don’t go to bed until it’s all right. ”But she doesn’t need to be surprised when the guys have dozed off.

Anna-Carina Woitschack tells this Golden leafHow she keeps her love for Stefan Mross young: “We hug each other every morning, we are very romantic and cuddle a lot. Neither of us works without a good morning kiss. ”Before or after brushing your teeth? Or, to speak to Jessica Simpson: smooth or rather a little rough? Woitschack says about possible offspring: “If it happens, then so be it. Well, nothing is planned at the moment, but nothing is ruled out either. Who knows what the future will bring. . .” That Golden leaf turns it into the gossamer headline: “Baby cheers – the anticipation grows”.

The headline of Nice week about Meghan and Harry, on the other hand, reads: “Sex ban! Is she going completely crazy now? ”The background is not marital harassment, but that the couple allegedly rented their villa for film shoots, but specifically not for porn. But we had already thought that the headline would make little sense. Harry and Meghan are very busy parents of two young children: there is no need for a sex ban.

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