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December 01, 2020 – 12:31 clock

Who was Julia Roberts secret crush?

She knows her way around love stories and fairy tale films. But could Julia Roberts (53) actually have become the princess of a European country? In any case, years ago she had allegedly cast an eye on a young monarch.

Julia’s heart beat for today’s King of the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander is said to have been Julia Roberts' secret crush.

King Willem-Alexander is said to have been Julia Roberts’ secret crush.

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It’s a nice idea: Julia Roberts as the glamorous queen of the Netherlands. And supposedly there was almost a romance between the “Pretty Woman” star and Willem-Alexander (53), today’s King of the Netherlands. At least that’s what the Dutch journalist René Mioch claims in the “Het Parool” newspaper. Unfortunately, it never worked out on a first date for the two of them.

That’s why we didn’t get to know each other

“Julia used to be totally in love with our monarch,” says Mioch. The Oscar winner is said to have told him this herself. “Then I tried to organize a premiere where both of them would be present,” it continues, but it didn’t work out. “Julia Roberts as our queen, it seemed such a beautiful thought to me,” reveals the journalist.

The magazine does not reveal when exactly this coupling attempt took place. Willem-Alexander was still crown prince and had not yet known his wife Máxima. Phew, today’s queen was lucky! And Julia has meanwhile found her very own dream prince: she has been happily married to husband Daniel Moder (51) for 18 years.

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