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She turns her life upside down for Baby Raddix

Cameron Diaz, 47, has finally been able to fulfill one of her greatest dreams: the actress became a mom for the first time. But unlike her Hollywood colleagues, she is not returning to work as soon as possible. Benji Madden’s wife, 40, is ready to give up everything for her daughter …

Cameron Diaz: Radical Change

Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden appear to be turning their entire lives upside down to keep their newborn daughter Raddix safe. “Cameron you call it ‘Baby Makeover’“, a friend of the couple betrayed the “National Enquirer”. The girl was born to a surrogate mother on December 30th and has since been the star for the 47-year-old actress, her diet, exercise and home completely changed Has. Nothing goes beyond the well-being of the little ones.

she is obsessedbut in a good way

so the insider. Cameron move accordingly drastic consequences and these have to be followed by the entire family. The source reports: “She has her family on one strict diet where there is only food fresh from the farmer, including a lot of fruit and vegetables. “ The model housewife wants to raise her girl in an exemplary manner. All the efforts of the past few years have apparently left their mark: Cameron no longer wants to leave anything to chance.

Does the actress turn out to be a helicopter mom?

Apparently the blonde could do it hardly waitto watch her baby grow up. So she is said to have already got a mixer to puree the future food of the little Raddix. But it will take a while until then. According to the National Enquirer informant, Cam and Benji go in first in the morning Gymto keep fit and healthy. They should be in bed by 9 p.m. in order to get enough sleep. Instead of long nights in Hollywood, the two value routines: A nanny is out of the question, as the source has revealed.

Her villa in Studio City, a district bordering Los Angeles to the north, is even disinfected been.

The floors will cleaned daily non-toxic,

so the insider. Raddix’s children’s room is also environmentally friendly. Plastic toys and bacteria seem to be big enemies at the Diaz-Madden home. That’s why Cameron only use it ecological wipes for your child, Glass bottles and Eco pacifier. “She even insists Cloth diapers. ” Is that already going too far for the “Die Schadenfreundinnen” actress?

Admittedly: the loving care of the new mom shouldn’t harm her little daughter and her awareness of a more sustainable life is also worth supporting.

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