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Rihanna in sexy lingerie and mullet hairstyle

Rihanna has not been as sexy in a long time!

With this sexy clip, Rihanna wants to draw attention to Valentine’s Day and her new collection from her label Savage x Fenty! She shows herself from all sides and is obviously having a lot of fun putting on and taking off the nylon gloves. At the same time she sips with relish from her champagne and shows how she slowly loosens the lacing of her lingerie – wow! After such a long time, the fans are all the more excited to finally see their RiRi in action again.

The fans are beside themselves and shower the singer with compliments, such as “WOW, it’s getting hot! ” or “Omggggggg”. But most of the comments consist of heart and flame emojis.

Her mullet hairstyle is a surprise

Rihanna also provides a big surprise with her mullet. The mullet hairstyle stands for short at the front and long at the back. She wears a short haircut in the upper head area. However, it gets a little longer towards the neck. This hairstyle was particularly en vogue in the 80s. Now Rihanna is bringing the short hairstyle back and proving to us once again that she can just wear anything!

RiRi not alone on Valentine’s Day?

What will Rihanna do herself for Valentine’s Day? It seems unclear whether she will seduce her friend and rapper A $ AP Rocky in the same way. Because there is still no official statement on the relationship between the two stars. Both were spotted turtling in Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados. Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky also appeared together at events – and visibly in love.

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