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Pixels 2: A sequel with Adam Sandler is so likely

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“Pixels 2” with Adam Sandler? A sequel is so likely

Can we get on "Pixels 2" happy with Adam Sandler?

Can we look forward to “Pixels 2” with Adam Sandler?

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Updated: 04/23/2020 – 8:41 PM

The entertaining sci-fi adventure “Pixels” was released in 2015 with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. What about “Pixels 2” now?

In “Pixels” (2015), aliens use popular video game characters from the 1980s games such as Pac-Man and Co. to take over the earth. With actors like Adam Sandler and Kevin James, the 2015 sci-fi comedy has been very promising. So what about a sequel? “Pixel 2”?

“Pixels 2”: What a continuation speaks for itself

Adam Sandler, best known for comedies such as “50 First Dates” (2004), starred in “Pixels” alongside “King Of Queens” star Kevin James. The film also brings together “Game Of Thrones” actors Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean in front of the camera. The choice of cast for the first part alone makes you want to see “Pixels 2”.

And the income from the adventure film shouldn’t oppose a sequel either. You are solid. With a budget of 88 million US dollars, “Pixels” brought in over 244,800,000 US dollars worldwide – almost three times the budget. But theoretically there should have been more – especially when we consider who is directing it.

“Pixels 2”: What speaks against a sequel

Chris Columbus brought “Pixels” to the big screen. The director is responsible for popular works such as “Kevin – Alone at Home” (1990) and the first two “Harry Potter” films. But “Pixels” didn’t do well with the critics. On the review collection site Metacritic, the score is only 27 percent (with 37 reviews). On Rotten Tomatoes it was only 17 percent (from 204 reviews).

  • “God knows who the Adam Sandler blockbuster Pixels is aimed at with a large budget,” writes Kevin Maher of the Times (UK).
  • Mark Olsen (Los Angeles Times) is more devastating in his judgment: “Some films are so endless it seems like they never end, while others are put together with such indifference that you basically have to wait for them to begin . ‘Pixels’ somehow manages both. “

In addition, Chris Columbus’ work was nominated for the Golden Raspberry 2016 in the categories “worst film” and “worst script”. That is by no means an honor. “Pixels” did not prevail against the films “Fantastic Four” (2015) and “Fifty Shades Of Gray” (2015), which were even worse according to the award.

Even spectators: inside show no great enthusiasm. At IMDb, more than 136,200 users rated the film with an average of 5.5 out of 10 stars. There are indeed many outliers downwards, but also some upwards: Six percent of the users: namely, give the full number of points for “pixels”. Those would surely look forward to a sequel. However, it was never announced.

Conclusion: Will there be a “Pixels 2”?

If we take note of all of these facts, it looks like we can get rid of a sequel. “Pixels 2” was obviously never mentioned because of the scathing reviews, even if there are at least some fans of the sci-fi adventure with Adam Sandler.

But what about other sequels? It could go on like this in “Frozen 3”. “The Expendables 4” could even be shot in 2021. And what do we know about “Bad Boys 4”?

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